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Open Feature request MC-846

Allow for process priority to be set for optimization

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Please set a UI option for the default thread/process priority, or allow the setting of max number of threads -- only to be used during optimization tasks. On bigger machines with many, many cores, the default of all cores and Normal priority will cause other Windows and UI's to become unresponsive.
It would be better if we could set say "15" cores to be used for backtesting, out of "16" cores, leaving 1 available for other apps. Or to set the process/thread priority to Low or Below Normal.
I have been setting the process priority manually but it is cumbersome and I sometimes forget.

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Feature request.

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user-offline.png  pavelkpc (pavelkpc)
Jun 15, 2017 - 12:13

At this moment I am setting MultiCharts64.exe process priority Below normal every time I start MC which seems to help but is somewhat cumbersome. It would be great to be able to control resource usage / process priority to some degree.

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