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Open Feature request MC-916

[PowerLanguage Editor] Snapshots of code for easy roll-back to previous versions

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Several software programs provide the option to make a 'Snapshot' which enables the user to easily roll-back to a previous state.

For example Scrivener, a text-editing program, provides such an option to enable the user to save the current state of his text document before making significant changes. That way, if you edit and remove significant portions of your text, you can always go back to an earlier version if you don't like the end result. Another example is VirtualBox, virtualization software, which provides Snapshots to save the current state of the Virtual Machine before making changes. That way, if something goes wrong, the user can roll-back to an earlier, correctly working version.

A Snapshot feature for the PowerLanguage Editor provides multiple benefits:
* Easily roll-back to a previous version if the newly made changes don't work,
* Comparison between the current version and a previous version,
* Easier debugging by being able to compare the current, broken version with a previous, correctly working version,
* No need any more to copy the text to an external program, like Notepad, if one intends to make significant changes,
* No loss of code parts that we removed to our regret a day later (and then have to rewrite),
* It encourages experimentation with the PowerLanguage code, since we know we can always roll-back to a previous version.

Implementation suggestion: provide an option (or better yet, a keyboard shortcut) to manually make a snapshot of the current PowerLanguage file at the discretion of the user. This gives the needed flexibility and by not doing this automatic there is no cluttering by old version of code.

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