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Open Feature request MC-918

General Improvement of Drawing Tools Usability

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The reason for reporting this as "Critical" is that I frequently use drawing tools on several charts every day, and after using MultiCharts for a long time I now feel exhausted by the awkward usability with a couple of the tools.
As an example, sometimes one get the lines straight and sometimes not. And sometimes one get the lines at exact levels in mind and sometimes not, dependent of which instrument in use. My point with this is that since one have previously gotten it right, it is natural to try again several times to see if it will work, finally accepting that it will not. Pretty annoying.
Trend Line drawn as horizontal line:
-First, when using Trend Line as a horizontal line to highlight support and resistance levels with internal swings it is difficult to make it straight just as the black guide line shows before finally setting the line. At worst it is not possible to get it completely straight at all. One can like try "300 times" and still it will not be horizontal straight.
-Second, when using it with for example futures it often happens that when set horizontally it will not go to exact level in mind. It will then "snap" to one pixel above or below (Note that this is When drawing it as a horizontal relatively short line with "Snap Mode" turned off). With Spot FX where there are 5 digits it is better. If this has something to do with Spot FX decimal pips with the X scale I do not know.
Trend Line drawn diagonally in Snap Mode to highs and lows:
-Could you please make it so that the anchor points is shown as small dots following where line would stick when dropped?
-Second, better accuracy of the position of the trendline related to highs and lows at anchor points. For example now if setting a up trend line to two lows the line will stick one or two pixel above the lows after finally set.
-Regarding both above with diagonal trendlines in snap mode it is now difficult to see if the trend line will be set at the low or at open/close price of candle/bar if the open or close is close to the low. With an anchor point dot dynamically following around before setting the line I am aware that it could still be difficult to see where the line would stick when low/high is very close to open/close.
Horizontal Parallel Lines/Equidistant Channel:
On the MultiCharts product features info web pages Equidistant Channel is shown as a horizontal parallel lines tool. I am using it as so regularly also with reflections, but as with the trend line tool it is difficult to get the lines horizontally straight. Please make this easier.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Setup a futures chart like the Euro on a 5 min time frame and experiment with both Trend Line and Equidistant Channel tools as horizontal lines. Turn off extensions with the Trend Line. Set extensions for Equidistant Channel to on in both directions.
First try to swiftly set both the Trend Line and Equidistant Channel tools as support and resistance lines on internal swings and see how easy it is to get them completely horizontal at first try.
Second, experiment with setting the line(s) to high/low/open/close on different candles/bars with differents swings to see if one can get them to set with all the levels choosen.
Third, in "Snap Mode" set Trend Line from low to higher low with extensions selected in both directions. Note how the line is one or two pixels above the selected lows. Maybe it will be right with the first, but not with the second.

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  Laurentius (Laurentius)
Apr 11, 2012 - 16:45

Quote: "...something to do with Spot FX decimal pips with the X scale I do not know."
I meant Y scale off course.

user-offline.png  mj (jpartner)
Mar 11, 2013 - 10:01

Another thing that I find bothersome, is the limitation in the selection of lines colors and styles.   I find it clumsy to have to select the color and style of line everytime I want to change it. If I draw a line, fork, or equidistant channel, it would be much nicer to have a number of 'preset' lines styles and colors than can be accessed by just rolling the mouse wheel, while the item is selected.  IMHO, this would make a great platform FABULOUS!!!!

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jun 13, 2013 - 14:37

The first part of the feature request is scheduled for implementation. Please monitor: http://www.multicharts.com/pm/viewissue.php?issue_no=MC-1180

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