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Open Feature request MC-932

Optimization of a signal

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When optimizing a signal, MultiCharts reverts back to the default settings when ever you do an additional optimization.
This optimization settings should come from the chart that the signal is placed on and the settings within that chart.
When developing a signal the inputs are inserted as a place holder for the optimization to do its job.
*5 and 6 is where the improvements should be added
1. Insert Signal
2. Run partial optimization
3. New optimized settings applied (dbl click)
4. Optimize additional setting on same signal
*5. This is where MC should automatically apply the settings from the chart and not from the orignal code.
*6. Also if a user has a specific setting that has been changed on the signal on the chart, the optimization will not see that signal unless it is also manually inserted in the optimization area.
This is an additional reason why the optimization inputs should be pulled from the chart.
The optimization process settings should be linked to the chart that the signal is generated from and not the orignal code. 
This way it can be a work in progress, and the new optimized settings are saved to the chart and to the overall optimization process. This will allow the user to run partial optimizations, save the settings and move forward without having to remember or reinsert the new settings to the optimization process. It will remove possible human errors.
Every other platform I have worked with does it the way I have explained.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Insert a signal on a chart, optimize 1 setting of the signal, apply the new optimized setting.
Optimize another setting on the same signal and setting, notice that the previous optimized setting has not been saved in the optimization area and you will retest the previous setting unless you manually change the inputs with the new optimized settings that the signal is currently set on.

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