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Open Feature request MC-968

Alternante method to access multi-resolution data series

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There's a need to access data series of multiple resoltuons without th eneed to plot them first. For example, I wanted to write my own rainbow moving average indicator. Once I realised how much effort was required to make it work with more than just a few averages, say 20+, I gave up. It just doesn't make sense I had to insert 20+ plots and use the data(n) method to compute the variety of moving averages, especially given I don't want to see the extra plots. I know i can hide them but that's not the point. The same issue applies to many other indicators, both common and proprietary.  I can see why other packages provide a different approach. It's not just a nice thing to have, it's essential to access data series with different resolutions without the need to plot them first. Please make this feature work for both types of MC; EL based and .NET.

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user-offline.png  Fabrice (fpa)
May 21, 2012 - 03:34

Voted !

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