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Open Feature request MC-986

Improvements for Trading and Strategy Performance Report

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The Trading Performance Report for manual trading under the View menu needs some improvements:
1. Currently, the List of Trades lists all trades you made regardless the date. If you trade often, it will be confusing to look at. To make it useful, a date filter for today, past week and past month trades is needed. The date filter must be flexible yet easy to use.
2. Another important feature is the ability to export trades history and customize which fields to include in the exported csv file. MultiCharts does a great job of matching opening and closing trades. My brokers exported csv file does not match opening and closing trades, so it makes it difficult and tedious to match trades manually. The exported csv file goes to my trading accounting program. If MC can export trades history and customize which fields (including custom commission field or any custom field) to include in the exported csv file, it would save a lot of time and effort.
3. When a trade is made, the List of Trades must be able to automatically refresh itself to display last trade made.
4. The Trading Performance Report window must be able to retain previous size and position on single or multi LCD screens. Currently, it does not do this.
The above features also apply for the Strategy Performance Report for auto trading.

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This is a feature request.

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user-offline.png  WildWex
Mar 13, 2019 - 20:34

This feature request lists a number of items. It may have been best by the user to submit a separate request for each item listed. That being said:

(3) is a feature that has been completed already and exists with MC 12.

However, I'd like to request that

(1) List of trades FILTER would in fact be useful. You offer a similar filter already in the ORDERS AND POSITION TRACKER window in the tab labeled POSITIONS HISTORY. I agree that for this particular feature request, it would be helpful for the PERFORMANCE REPORT to offer a similar filter to LIST OF TRADES.


Many times I will place a LIVE TRADE CHART next to a BACKTEST TRADE CHART and I'd like to compare the trades side by side to see any potential discrepancies (assumptions) that I may have made in my trading strategy. The ability to FILTER OUT older trades in the LIST OF TRADES report would be very beneficial. (AT LEAST TO FILTER BY DATE/TIME).

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