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Trading Platform Intro

It is critical to have the right trading platform to trade on the stock, futures, Forex, and other financial markets. The right trading software can give you an edge in today’s competitive markets. Watch a short intro video to get a quick overview of the new features in MultiCharts.

Trading platform that is right for you

MultiCharts’ advantage is based on building robust trading strategies, accurate market data with minimal delivery time, order execution within milliseconds, and lower-than-average transaction fees. With tools such as high-definition charting, technical indicators, backtesting, and strategy execution, everything you need is at your fingertips.


Quick and easy strategy backtesting

You can easily and quickly develop and backtest a strategy before you invest real money. You can test it on historical data as if you were doing market replay. You can make sure that your strategy is not a result of optimized curve fitting —your strategy actually provides a fundamental advantage. Here is extra information on strategy backtesting.

Precision and speed with automated trading

Even with a winning strategy, just a short delay in order execution can make all the difference. After developing a strategy, the next step is to actually send the orders. The key advantage of automated trading is that it can send orders a lot faster than a human being, and this can give you an advantage over the competition.

Chart analysis

Charting is one of the most important aspects of trading software. You need to see precise price movements to determine your next move. Charting software needs to be flexible, so that you can adjust any part of it to your particular needs. Charts also need to be reliable, so that you don’t experience any hold-ups or crashes while analyzing important information. We have thought about all of this while building MultiCharts.

Data feeds for anyone’s needs

You can choose the quickest or most economical data feed depending on what you are trying to achieve. Professionals have the option to use Bloomberg as the data feed of choice, while beginner traders can choose Barchart as an economical data feed with good quality data. Traders who do high-frequency trading can access Zen-Fire, which provides some of the fastest, real-time quotes. Click on the link to see all of the supported data feeds.

Brokers for your trading style

A choice of trading gateways gives the option to choose from brokers with a high speed of order filling, low price, functional advantages, or good customer service. For example, you can fill complex algorithmic orders with Interactive Brokers or enjoy excellent customer service with FXCM. Follow the link to see the entire list of supported brokers.

Why choose our trading platform?

MultiCharts’ strength is in its features, flexibility, and commitment to following industry programming standards. MultiCharts provides all the necessary features you may need in a trading platform. Our features allow you to create sophisticated trading strategies for your trading. Our flexibility allows you to choose the optimal data vendors and execution gateways. MultiCharts is also compatible with the industry-standard EasyLanguage developed by TradeStation.

Strategy Performance Report


Compatible with EasyLanguage studies

MultiCharts provides nearly 100% EasyLanguage compatibility. This means that thousands of existing studies in this language will work without any changes — the same way they work in TradeStation. You can make full use of the 20+ years of trading experience shared in the EasyLanguage community.

Since TradeStation was a pioneer in the world of strategy trading, it would be unwise to ignore thousands of existing technical analysis studies already written.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

With MultiCharts you do not need to reinvent the wheel or learn a whole new language — you can simply find most information on the Internet. For example, let’s say you want to pass information from MultiCharts to Excel and from Excel to MultiCharts. The answer is — it’s already been done for you. To sum it up, with MultiCharts you automatically get access to a wealth of resources, and you can focus on creating something new — as opposed to spending time on translation into yet another language.


One-click trading from chart and DOM

Take control of your trading and act quickly when you see an opportunity — place orders in seconds through our new Chart trading and DOM. It’s simple and intuitive, you can click or drag-and-drop orders onto your chart.

MultiCharts features many tools to help you achieve your goals — Chart Trading, Trade Bar, Order and Position Tracker, Depth of Market, Automation of Entries and Exits, and Symbol Mapping.

Chart trading

No need to worry about typing in the exact price — you can simply drop an order on the chart and you can always adjust it if you need to. You can move your orders around to match other price levels on your chart, such as breakout or support levels, or drag more orders. You can also drag-and-drop automation strategies to further enhance your trading comfort and speed.

Trade bar

It’s simple and precise — you can type in the exact price, choose the order and buy or sell. This toolbar also has tabs, one for each broker profile you create. You can easily switch between different accounts, or even brokers, and trade what you need.

Order and position tracker

You see a detailed summary of your orders, positions and accounts across all brokers that you are trading. You can cancel or modify pending orders, or even flatten entire positions directly from this window. All information is in one convenient place, and you can sort and filter to zoom in on the pieces that you need. You can also export the reports into Excel for further analysis.

Symbol mapping

MultiCharts allows you to trade through any broker from any chart, but sometimes brokers and data feeds give different names to the same symbol. Symbol mapping lets you translate between the chart and the broker by filling out necessary details, and making the symbol understandable to the broker.

Depth of Market (DOM)

The DOM is an industry-standard tool that lets you see market depth and trade with one click. In MultiCharts you can see ten price levels each way, and apply entry and exit automation directly in the DOM window.

Entry and exit strategies

Sometimes there is no time to place entry or exit OCO orders by hand, so we built some automation strategies that you can simply drag-and-drop onto you chart. You can drop them onto any point on the chart, or attach them to a particular order or position.