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Open Feature request MC-1058

Enhance Symbol Mapping & display Broker Symbol on Chart Trader Panel

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Currently, when using more than one broker account each at different brokers one has to use File -> Broker Profiles -> Symbol Mapping ... to map all chart symbols of broker A to broker symbols of broker B on the chart trader panels. Unfortunately, if the traded symbols are futures contracts which must be rolled over at rollover date, each time the mapping of chart symbols to broker symbols must be adjusted, too, and that can be time consuming if one has to roll over many contracts. Moreover it can happen that one maps a chart symbol to the wrong broker symbol, or to the wrong contract month of the correct broker symbol. In that case one probably even does not recognize that one is trading the wrong symbol or contract month which can result in the terrible case that one has an open prosition for an expired contract and is requested to the physical delivery of a commodity!
Therefore make it possible that it is only necessary to map root symbols of charts to root symbols of broker accounts. MC should be intelligent enough to do the rest. Secondly, please add an option for the chart trader panel to display the broker symbol name of the traded contract such that the user is always able to see which symbol he/she is trading.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Use Multicharts 8.0.5622.401 x64 Trial on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64. Use a CQG and an OEC demo account. Both use different symbol names for the same futures contracts.

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