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Open Feature request MC-1523

Add an option to have the cross-hair pointer move in tick increments instead of 1/100th increments on the y-axis...

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As I need to check exact prices quickly, it slows me down when using the cross-hair pointer on the chart as it displays the price exact to 1/100th. I would like the option for the pointer to 'click' up/down in single tick increments instead. That way price can be calculated quicker.
For example on ES, moving the pointer upwards the price on the y axis would read 1700.00 > 1700.25 > 1700.50 and so on without giving exact price to the 1/100th scale as it currently does, for example 1700.00 > 1700.01 > 1700.02 etc.
This would be invaluable to me and no doubt preferable from many other traders I would imagine. It is one of a very few features that I think competing trading software has an advantage of Multicharts.
A simple tick box option added to the scale options tab would be ideal!

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user-offline.png  awasiuta (awasiuta)
Jun 24, 2020 - 04:32

That would be great!

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