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Open Feature request MC-255

Implements SVN (or other versioning system) Integration on PowerLanguage Editor

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At the moment, backing up the trading system codes is a pain in the ass. Ones has to export the code and it's extremely hard to track what has changed since the last backup. I think SVN (or any other versioning system) will come in handy.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Here's a suggestion which might be easy to implements:
The way
imagine it works is, we create "Special Folder" in the navigator which
is linked to the SVN repository. It's up to powerlanguage editor to
store the information in the format it wants to the repository. This
will save the trading system builder huge amount of time.

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  reptile (reptile)
Jul 25, 2012 - 11:19

It's good idea..this is still problem on .net version.. looking beter mangment for studies/signals.

user-offline.png  KingCobra (kingcobra)
Oct 05, 2017 - 09:45

Integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud systems would be good too

user-offline.png  Mark Simms (Mark Simms)
Sep 14, 2022 - 13:04

I am able to effectively use Github for versioning. It's not integrated in the editor, but it is effective.
You just go to the Studies folder and find the source code....and then upload.

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