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Open Feature request MC-362

Playback Trading, Please

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Playback is a fantastic feature, but without a corresponding DOM to trade it, the value provided is very much limited.
Please consider allowing users to trade the Playback of previous trading sessions.
I was encouraged to submit this feature request via this thread:
Thank you.

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Comments (18)
user-offline.png  dtl-saw (dtl-saw)
Nov 21, 2012 - 16:32

also to be able to trade from the charts in playback mode is a valuable tool for learning the software features and improving intuition and timing to "pull the trigger" in live trades for discretionary trading. Other programs have this feature and MC has playback mode already so you are 3/4 the way there.

user-offline.png  monexx (monexx)
Oct 22, 2013 - 08:31

Such an opportunity should not be missed in a superior platform.

user-offline.png  monexx (monexx)
Oct 24, 2013 - 12:06

Vote for the issues MC-362,MC-1481,MC-1499 should be summing.

user-offline.png  mickael28 (mickael28)
Nov 08, 2013 - 13:10

+1 for this feature and for dtl-saw's suggestion, ie, it'd be really useful for those of us who are learning the software to be able to trade directly from the chart in playback mode. Once a customer learns a tool is difficult for them to justify changing to another, hence I think that feature would be quite valuable for Multicharts as well.
Looking forward to have it implemented in the software... 

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jan 14, 2014 - 18:13

This feature request is related to a built in simulation environment.
It combines not only playback trading, but also other types of manual/automated trading.

user-offline.png  andb (andb)
Jan 22, 2014 - 14:34

Playback without this feature has little value, unfortunately. Any platform can do some sort of playback. This feature would be the distinction between a great platform an all the rest.

user-offline.png  andb (andb)
Jan 22, 2014 - 15:30

It seems some other platforms offer this:

further than that, AB's Support comments below:
It's also possible to modify that formula in the link even further, as now AB supports static arrays (so you could store all trades within a single array per symbol), then possibly use such manually picked trades for further processing in backtester.

user-offline.png  fxnomad (fxnomad)
Feb 15, 2014 - 12:35

Do we have any timeline on this update, at the moment I pay a sierra chart subscription just for this feature (replay), as I do have a MC lifetime membership.
Basically just want to playback from a historic date, and be able to trade manually with the standard reporting features.

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Feb 18, 2014 - 16:05

At the moment there is no ETA of the feature. As soon as it is scheduled for any particular version, the stauts of the feature request will be updated.

user-offline.png  GB (Id2)
May 30, 2014 - 18:15

I think one of the main reasons ninjatrader is so popular is that people use their simulator to learn how to trade and then buy NT when they want to trade live because that is what they are used to. I am thinking of buying NT myself instead of MC.net just because of the simulator and the ability to easily analyze your performance in the simulator.

user-offline.png  panz (zhopan77)
Mar 16, 2016 - 05:26

It seems NinjaTrader, the main competitor, had this feature since version 7.

Following NinjaTrader's approach one can solve the data storage problem: the DOM replay data does not have to be locally stored for multiple sessions. MultiCharts can store them on its own server, and allow user to download the DOM replay data one session at a time. MultiCharts can even provide the data for download for back test purpose other than DOM replay (for a premium fee to offset some cost), which will be a very unique data offering.

user-offline.png  sthlmjohan (sthlmjohan)
Mar 07, 2017 - 23:10

+1 for this to be implemented.

I thought this is what the playback feature is made for???

MC-Crew: Any updates on this feature?

user-offline.png  orad (orad)
Apr 27, 2017 - 13:18

Until this is available my workaround is this study I posted here:


user-offline.png  sthlmjohan (sthlmjohan)
Dec 15, 2018 - 01:06

Any ETA on this ticket?

user-offline.png  WildWex (gwexler)
Feb 27, 2019 - 01:35

I, too, would like to get an ETA on this.

Ninja Trader has clearly shown that it can be done. They enable you to download 24 hours worth of tick data and create an 'internal data feed' enabling one to simulate trades on their charting platform as if it's coming from the data provider via their 'market replay' feature. MC should execute on this request given the high demand.

Thank you.

user-offline.png  sthlmjohan (sthlmjohan)
Nov 07, 2019 - 11:06

Bump! Old feature request but something that is really missing in MC. Any plans to implement this?

user-offline.png  dataheck (dataheck)
Jul 22, 2021 - 16:39

I would also like to be able to trade in data playback. The modified ChartTrader strategy almost does the job, but it still requires an active data connection for Paper Trader to fill orders.

I would be happy to accept "inaccurate" fills (close price, whatever, so long as it's consistent) if it would mean that I can use Paper Trader and chart trade on historical data. I don't need it to go over ticks, I don't need to know that my fills were technically possible based on bid/ask data. The errors that would rack up as a result of this inaccuracy would not be significant to my overall purpose of using the thing.

Others might have different aims, so maybe they'd disagree.

user-offline.png  Ettienne (et1hugo)
icon_reply.pngOct 06, 01:33, in reply to comment #1

'''sthlmjohan wrote:'''

+1 for this to be implemented.

I thought this is what the playback feature is made for???

MC-Crew: Any updates on this feature?

Yes, me too, I'm pretty disappointed. It seems like stupid features are added like 50 ways of plotting price data while actual useful stuff is left behind.

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