MultiCharts 14.0 Release 9


Update Patch

It’s now possible to install the currently available fixes and improvements without waiting for the next official release.

Data and Brokerage

–    Deribit data source and broker profile

–    BitMEX data source and broker profile

–    Rithmic 01: Added new deployments/systems: Apex, Leeloo Trading, TheTradingPit



Data and Brokerage

–    Interactive Brokers: Fixed the OCO group order modification when using IB TWS/Gateway newer than 10.22.1

–    Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issues with Ask and Bid values for Forex symbols not updating in the status line after IB software restart Interactive Brokers

–    Interactive Brokers: Fixed the Qty Filled and Qty Left calculation when orders are partially filled during broker connection loss

–    Barchart: Fixed the issue with minute bars not being displayed between historical and real-time data

–    Paper Trader: Improved performance for trading with numerous Paper Trader broker profiles and open positions

Charting/Data Handling

–    Improved chart objects rendering

–    Added indicator plot smoothing on charts

 Portfolio Trader

–    Fixed the issue with auto trading not starting for symbols with incorrect Price Scale and Big Point Value settings


–    Fixed the issue with Optimization Report not being displayed when more than 100 inputs are used for genetic optimization


–    Fixed the TimeToMinutes function

General Improvements

–    Fixed the issue with printing charts for specific system configurations