MultiCharts 9.0 Release 3 with OANDA plug-in

MultiCharts 9.0 Release 3 is a minor upgrade that includes OANDA data feed and broker support along with the all new features of MultiCharts 9.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 9.0 Release here. OANDA datafeed connection instructions OANDA broker connection instructions

Attention Zen-Fire Users

Dear traders, Zen-Fire connection is still not available. Our colleagues at Zen-Fire informed that there is no ETA for launching a new API connection into production yet. As a workaround you can use CQG instead of Zen-Fire. Also we suggest to contact your broker and have them inform you about your options.


Dear CQG/AMP Futures clients, We strongly recommend you to upgrade your existing MultiCharts up to the latest 8.8 version. With the latest MultiCharts version one should have the latest CQG/AMP API installed. Please remove the current one from your machine(Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall a program) and download the latest API here. Install it on …

Attention ZenFire Users

Dear users, Rithmic has discontinued their contract with ZenFire. It means ZenFire is no longer available through the Ritmic API that is used in 3rd party platforms like MultiCharts and others. We were provided with a new ZenFire API but as it was developed by ZenFire in short terms, it is not stable enough. We’re …

MultiCharts Discretionary Trader (MCDT) is now available through AMP Global Clearing

Everyone who wanted to see an update to the discontinued MCDT platform now has a chance – through AMP Global Clearing. The all-new MCDT (which includes all the cool features that we built in the last year) is ready for the taking, if you want the CQG connection. Remember, MCDT doesn’t have the ability to …

IMPORTANT! Affects MC8 Beta1 users

Everyone who downloaded MultiCharts 8 Beta 1 before noon (12 pm) Eastern Standard Time on February 14th, 2012 must download the beta again, and install it again. Due to a technical glitch, MultiCharts version that was available before noon today will stop functioning. To continue using the beta version, go to, download and install the program …

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Using MB Trading with MC 7 Beta 5 and MCDT Beta 5

To use MB Trading with MultiCharts 7 Beta 5 and MCDT Beta 5 – Please install the latest version of MBT application: Release Candidate Version – 9.1MB Updated: 6/2/2011 You can download it here:

Important CME update – new mandatory iLink tags

Dear traders, As some of you may already know, on June 3rd 2011 new iLInk regulations by CME come into effect. The official CME release can be found here – Everyone submitting orders to CME must now include information about: 1. Application version 2. Whether the order was placed manually or automatically 3. Location code …

QUIK connection officially announced for MultiCharts 7 release

QUIK (developed by ARQA Technologies) is a leading front-office trading system that accesses is mainly used for connecting to Russian brokers and trading on Russian exchanges (some exchanges outside of Russia are also supported).  A group of Russian traders approached us with a request to connect MultiCharts to the QUIK data feed and trading capabilities, so …