MultiCharts .NET 15.0 Release

Free Trading Simulator Has Arrived

Simulated trading based on data playback has always been very popular, it helps to hone trading skills without risking real money.

Data playback in MultiCharts was completely redesigned and transformed into the trading simulator — you can go back in time and use this time machine to improve your trading strategy.

Simulated trading is available free of charge with free data out of the box, simply fill out a registration form to get started, no credit card needed. You get even more flexibility as you can run simulated trading and real-time trading at the same time.

In simulated trading MultiCharts real world constraints are taken into account: the trade volume, liquidity, and orders can be partially executed. Moreover, partial filing is available for all types of orders.

Trading simulator can use regular ask and bid data, as well as depth of market (Level 2) data. With the built-in data, for a selected number of popular symbols, you can start simulated trading with just a few clicks.

Standard simulated trading has tick by tick precision, and regular historical data can be used. Depth of market will make the simulation more precise and is available with the advanced simulated trading.

All the new features are available from the chart, the DOM window, and are also supported in auto trading — the tools you’re accustomed to, but with the new power and data.


New Alerts — Don’t Miss a Beat

Now you can receive alerts from MultiCharts not only by email, but also in Slack and Telegram.

General Improvements

In addition to logging in to MultiCharts via your credentials, it is now possible to use the email address associated with your account.

 Data and Brokerage

 Binance Spot: margin trading is now available. Added Cross 3x and Isolated 10x margin trading modes

  • ByBit data source and broker profile has been added
  • Rithmic 01: Updated the list of available Systems


  • It’s now possible to comment out a selected fragment of code by pressing / or *
  • It’s now possible to send automatic orders based on additional calculation events, regardless of the IOG mode. These new settings are added to the Format Signal dialog in the Properties tab
  • Marney indicators are now available


 Data and Brokerage 

  • Barchart: It’s now possible to load up to 20 years of minute data
  • CQG: Improved broker profile reconnection during weekends when broker does not provide connection statuses
  • CQG: Implemented child_symbols_request which allows to reduce unnecessary attempts to resolve non-existent contracts
  • Dukascopy: Fixed trading-related issues
  • FXCM: Fixed order generation in certain cases
  • GAIN: Updated to API version 4.11.519.358
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with active orders displayed as “Rejected”
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the issue with the MultiCharts main window getting locked after the broker profile connection
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the TradingServer exception
  • Interactive Brokers: Fixed the broker profile reconnection issue that would occur if the machine has not been restarted for a while
  • Interactive Brokers: The “Error 10328 (ID=[8050]): Connection lost, order data could not be resolved” is now considered as order rejection
  • IQFeed: Fixed real-time data stops for certain symbols
  • OANDA: Fixed real-time data reception for certain symbols
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with strategy position in Order and Position Tracker not updating automatically
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with uploading data from the previous Paper Trader work session
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with symbol mapping
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the strategy position Open P/L when symbol mapping is incorrect
  • QUIK: Fixed exception when using the “Collect data” option
  • Rithmic 01: Improved data processing
  • Rithmic 01: Fixed disconnects caused by the Lookup button launching an extra RTPServerProxy process
  • Rithmic 01: It is now possible to enter more than 13 characters into the Account field
  • WeBank: Fixed orders getting stuck with the “PreCancelled” status in certain cases

 Charting/Data Handling 

  • Fixed the issue with relative position of drawings while rescaling a chart
  • Improved the visual display of the status of the current chart or data series
  • Fixed exception that would occur in certain cases when opening the ASCII Mapping menu
  • Fixed the issue with downloading data using Historical Data Downloader
  • Optimized downloading real-time daily data
  • Fixed exception when changing chart scaling
  • Fixed the “Use as Default” option in Strategy Properties
  • Fixed the unexpected behavior upon changing sessions on daily charts
  • Fixed real-time daily data reception resuming after a break for data sources that don’t provide historical data
  • Fixed timestamps for daily bars
  • Identical status line data requests are now filtered
  • Chart Trading Panel now displays the chart symbol’s Spread in Full mode 

DOM Window 

  • DOM windows can now be detached and attached
  • Ask and Bid volume levels do not get hidden when Dynamic Price Scale is used 


  • Chart Trading Panel in Full Mode now displays spread value for the selected symbol
  • Changed the name and the description of the “Ignore Tick Cache” checkbox
  • Added new indices to the Total Trade Analysis tab of Strategy Performance Report
  • Fixed order confirmation for the Risk Management mode
  • Fixed the behavior with a Close Position being sent when clicking “Cancel” in the Assign Initial Market Position to Strategy menu
  • Fixed deadlock in the TradingServer process upon disabling auto trading

 Performance Report 

  • Added new parameters to the Total Trade Analysis section of the Strategy Performance Report


Portfolio Trader 

  • Fixed exception that would occur on certain machines when clicking “Copy” twice in the Performance Graph menu
  • Study settings are now copied when using the Copy/Paste option for strategies 


  • Fixed the “Delete Data” and “Clear Cache” commands being available when no symbols are selected 


  • Improved the message about applying optimized input combinations
  • It is now possible to choose between average or median value used in the criteria in the Set Robustness Settings
  • Added a new criterion Net Profit Correlation to the Set Robustness Settings 


  • Trailing is now executed identically during backtesting and auto trading
  • Added Type parameter for TradeManager.Order that allows access to the Type value form the Order and Position Tracker’s Order tab
  • Added SetCustomFitnessNamedValue(string CriterionName, double Criterion) method to PowerLanguage.Strategy.SignalObject 

General Improvements 

  • Added a new hotkey for the “Save As” command
  • “Ignore Tick Cache” option is now called “Ignore Tick Cache in Real Time on Additional Data Series”. Added a hint with the option description
  • Email alerts are now configured on the External Alerts tab in Preferences allowing to add several mailboxes
  • In the PowerLanguage Editor the “Save As” option was assigned a shortcut: Alt+Shift+A 


  • Fixed an issue with authorization that would occur in a specific case 


  • Open Workspace and Save Workspace As windows have the same style now
  • Fixed the Simulated Trading toolbar usability when using remote desktop
  • Strategy Properties window size is now adjustable
  • Improved data series rendering during data playback