MultiCharts 7 pre-alpha

As promised we are publishing several MultiCharts 7 pre-alpha screenshots. Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.
Dennis Globa

9 thoughts on “MultiCharts 7 pre-alpha

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  2. Rich Couchenour

    Are you planning on including a Level 2 screen showing the Market Makers, Size they are offering and Bid or Ask and a Time and Sales Window as well?

  3. Dan Howorth

    Like the look of the chart trading functionality, especially the ability to attach or change strategies when the trade is in flight.

    Will you be able to swap between sim trade and different accounts?

    1. Stan_MultiCharts

      Please clarify your question, it’s not quite clear. In general, charts show all trades that are active and pending, and you can see past trades in the Order and Position Tracker.

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