IQFeed and MultiCharts Cumulative Delta Update

Hello everyone,

We have just significantly improved Cumulative Delta analysis in MultiCharts.

Based on the input received from a large group of traders interested in Cumulative Delta analysis with MultiCharts, we  produced an update that ensures correct calculation of Cumulative Delta studies on historical data from IQFeed. The calculations were not carried out correctly because historical minute and daily bars are usually based on only open, high, low and close values – this lacking the ticks necessary for the calculation. This update allows constructing  historical bars based on ticks, there is now a box available that turns this option on or off.

Installation instructions:

1. Make sure MultiCharts is closed.

2. Download the ZIP archive to your computer from here.

3. Unzip the archive with a program of your choice (a good free program is 7zip –

4. Copy the file to  the Datafeeds folder, which is located in the  directory where you installed MultiCharts.

5. Replace the existing file with the new one.

Note: Typical file path for the necessary folder in Windows 7 is – “C:\Program Files\TS Support\MultiCharts\Datafeeds”. You can simply search for the folder by its name if you can’t find it. No viruses were found in this file prior to uploading. This update concerns MultiCharts 6 only, it will be automatically included in the upcoming MultiCharts 7.

15 thoughts on “IQFeed and MultiCharts Cumulative Delta Update

  1. Stan_MultiCharts Post author

    Hi NickA,

    Rithmic does not provide significant amounts of historical tick data, so this option would not be applicable to this data feed. You can use Data Merging and use IQFeed as historical and Rithmic as real-time if you like. We will consider expanding this feature to other data feeds as well.


  2. bhavesh naik

    hello multicharts support,
    i am from india.
    i am very keenly interested in purchasing multicharts but i do not have any idea about if any of indian broker supports algo trading platforms like multicharts.

    i am a technical analyst and i have my own add-on for metastock i want to use my trading system with multicharts to trade indian equity markets.
    please help.

    1. Stan_MultiCharts Post author


      Thank you for your interest in MultiCharts. Interactive Brokers, to my knowledge, supports Indian markets.

      “i have my own add-on for metastock” – this is not relevant to using MultiCharts, since they don’t communicate for trading purposes. MultiCharts can only read MetaStock EOD data (no real-time)

      If you want to use your trading system with MultiCharts, you will need to re-code it in PowerLanguage and apply it to the charts in MultiCharts. I recommend using Interactive Brokers as a broker for Indian Markets.


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  4. vic

    I’m trying your free platform , i use esignal as datafeed and i would know if you release an improvement as you made with iqfeed , to calculate CVD

    1. Stan_MultiCharts Post author


      Currently the ability to form historical minute and daily bars out of ticks (required for CD), has been made only for IQFeed. There are currently no plans to do the same for eSignal, although, it’s possible. Please add this feature request to our Project Management system –

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  6. johnny30

    What kind of data feed support for India is available and do you have a distributor or sales office in India or plan to have in near future. Kindly give some clarity.

    1. Stan_MultiCharts Post author

      We do not have a distributor or a sales office in India. As far as I know, out of the supported data feeds, Interactive Brokers provides coverage for markets in India.

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    1. Stan_MultiCharts Post author

      Just like with their DOM patent, we carefully analyzed it and our implementation is different enough so that it doesn’t fall under the patent. However, it’s not likely that a user will notice a difference.

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