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The main theme of MultiCharts 7 Beta 4 were usability and stability – we fixed as many open issues found both internally and by our users as we could find, and added new features to accommodate requests by users. Several new features were introduced improving OpenPL calculations, behavior of scripts, Custom Futures, improvements to market data playback, and others. We fixed a number of issues that users found bothersome, and we fixed a large amount of bugs to improve overall performance and user experience. Next version will be Release Candidate, followed by the official release sometime in June 2011.


OpenPL Calculations

  • OpenPL from MBTrading broker can now be calculated based Trade PL, in addition to the current calculation based on Bid/Ask prices.


  • Price orders in autotrading would be canceled and sent again if the volume or price changed. Now these orders are no longer canceled – they are modified, which avoids losing your place in queue. Price order will be cancelled if the order type, or order direction, change.
  • A new signal was added to the standard signal set – “!From Broker To Strategy MP Synchronizer!”. This signal allows the user to synchronize an automatic strategy with the position at the broker – effectively allowing placing manual trades and then applying a strategy to take care of the exits. More info here –
  • Signals and indicators no longer turn OFF when there is not enough data on the chart. They remain ON, and when enough data is added, they immediately begin calculating.
  • New keywords were added to PowerLanguage – AvgEntryPrice_at_Broker and AvgEntryPrice_at_Broker_for_The_Strategy.
  • Drawings “Text”, “Arrow” and “Horizontal Line” now support multiple lines of text. More info here
  • Auto fill suggestions by PowerLanguageEditor were improved. More info here

Custom Futures Improvements

  • Custom Futures symbols now support symbols where month is indicated after the year (SGX exchange, eSignal data provider).
  • MultiCharts now supports Custom Futures contracts for Rithmic and Zen-Fire contracts that mark months with digits.
  • Custom Futures now supports symbols with the following symbology – “166030005” using Interactive Brokers data provider
  • Custom Futures now supports symbols with the following symbology – “FTI10068” using Interactive Brokers data provider.


  • Market Data Playback menu now has an option to “Skip ticks with identical price”.
  • Inactive accounts for Rithmic and Zen-Fire brokers are no longer displayed in the account selection dropdown.


Calculation Accuracy




  • Real-time updates would randomly stop when charting Custom Futures symbols using Rithmic or Zen-Fire data feeds.
  • Horizontal scroll bar would not match actual chart position after changing resolutions. More info here –
  • Last daily bar would not show up when using ASCII Mapping. More info here –
  • Visual inconsistencies would appear when scrolling back and forth on a chart while indicators are in front of data series.
  • Problems saving workspaces that have a dot in their name. More info here –
  • MultiCharts would not close if during exiting user declined to save workspaces.
  • “Zig-Zag %” indicator drawings would sometimes not display if real-time was too fast. More info here –
  • TotalVolume in the Scanner window was displayed with decimal points. More info here –
  • Not all Forex symbol present in PFGBEST’s platform BESTDirect were available in MultiCharts.
  • Custom Futures using Rithmic and Zen-Fire data feeds would take a long time to be displayed.
  • Symbol Mapping settings for Trading Technologies broker would be reset if user switched between broker tabs several times.
  • Ask and Bid feeds for AD-NYSE symbol from Interactive Brokers data feed would not work. More info here –
  • Invalid file types would appear as options when exporting results of an optimization.
  • Certain symbols from Rithmic and Zen-Fire data feed did not have the proper amount of spaces in their names.
  • Contract, point, and change resolutions were available when they shouldn’t have been if Zen-Fire, Rithmic or ASCII Mapping data sources were used. More info here –
  • Text selection up and left wasn’t working well in PowerLanguageEditor. More info here –
  • Drag & drop didn’t work in PowerLanguageEditor. More info here –
  • During each compilation PowerLanguageEditor would add an empty line at the end of the script.
  • Workspaces opened in reverse order.
  • Visual alerts were too wide on monitors with high resolution.
  • Rows in Market Scanner were highlighted incorrectly if minimized groups were present.
  • “Jump To Time” settings on the Market Data Playback toolbar were not visible when using Windows 7 with certain localizations.
  • MultiCharts main window would cover visual alerts from Message Center. More info here –
  • Unused combo boxes were removed from Portfolio Performance Report.
  • After closing the “Close Position” dialog a window of another program becomes active.
  • Incorrect replacement of words in PowerLanguageEditor.
  • When trying to import ASCII Data the Folder View window wouldn’t always display.
  • Impossible to delete an indicator from PowerLanguageEditor after it was compiled with errors and deleted from MultiCharts.


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  3. Guy Resh (Fu510n)

    I’ll be the first to second Big Mike’s comment – NICE job MC team!

    Very glad I made the decision to commit to MC vs. the “other” 😉 so I can concentrate on trading vs. coding…


  4. skan

    When is going to be possible to optimize strategies with user defined indicators?
    For example with sharpe ratio
    When a 64bit version?

  5. Sheldon

    That is a huge question of mine. When are you guys going to do this in 64 bit?
    I have to use bar magnifier using tick data. It just uses too much memory for the 32 bit program. PLEASE!!

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