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Release Candidate is the final version before the official release (scheduled for July 15th, 2011). You now have Symbol Mapping that lets you see placed completed orders on charts that don’t use broker data. In this version we fixed several usability and stability issues reported by users, and closed a few bugs that were remaining – all set to go for the official release.


Signal Execution Order

  • You can now set the order in which your signals will calculate. In the Format Signals dialog box you will see two arrows to move your signals up and down in the queue. Signals will be calculates in order of their placement, from top to bottom. This is very convenient for traders that need to make sure some calculations take place before others.

Order and Position Tracker

  • In the Order and Position Tracker in the Instrument column you will now see two symbol names – one for the symbol on the chart <MC Symbol and the name of the symbol being traded at the broker <Broker Symbol>. This is very convenient for tracking which chart is mapped to which symbol and what you are trading.

Support for Futures for PFGBEST

  • You can now chart futures data from PFGBEST and trade futures charts.

Script Auto-Save

  • Uncompiled scripts within the PowerLanguage Editor are now continuously auto-saved before they are compiled. This prevents you from losing your work if the program or the computer is shut down before the script is compiled.

Significant optimization of memory usage

  • Memory usage in ‘tsserver.exe’ process was significantly optimized to use less virtual memory during backfills. Less memory is now used and memory leaks were addressed.


  • Added the ‘Default’ symbol dictionary for data providers that don’t have dedicated symbol dictionaries.
  • Symbol Dictionary for TradeStation was made more accurate.


Charting/Data Handling

  • Issue with holes in data when loading Forex charts using MB Trading data feed.
  • Updates in Market Data Playback did not happen as often as the sliding timer indicated they should. More info here –
  • QuoteManager would sometimes not reflect changes after symbols were added or deleted.


  • Stop orders placed through the chart context menu had incorrect volume.
  • Issues with DOM from MB Trading broker with Forex symbols ending with JPY.


  • Exception when opening an MB Trading chart while using an unsupported version of the MBT Navigator.
  • Floating point exception would sometimes occur when using the ‘cross’ keyword.
  • Message “You can’t mix symbols from different time zones” would appear on charts with multiple data series when time zone of the data1 was changed even if both symbols were the same.

Scripts and Calculations


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