MultiCharts .NET for C# and VB.NET Programmers Released!

We are excited to announce a release of a new product – MultiCharts .NET.

MultiCharts .NET combines best features of MultiCharts with robust potential of the .NET framework. Engineered specifically for programmers, users can create strategies and indicators in C# and VB.NET.

Watch a short intro video to get an overview of the .NET Editor and tight integration we created with Visual Studio. Remember, you can choose between 32 and 64-bit versions for the one that suits your needs best.

Key advantages of MultiCharts .NET:

  • Ability to create scripts in C# and VB.NET
  • Low-level access to account, order and data info
  • Create GDI drawings to display complex info on charts
  • Multiple broker and data connections
  • Automated, discretionary and chart trading
  • Complete 64-bit version


Free 30-Day Trial

To get the fully-enabled 30-day trial, please follow this link.

Purchase and Special Offer

You can purchase MultiCharts .NET by visiting the Purchase page.

More Information

Please visit for more information, videos, and to learn more about features.

Enjoy the experience. Contact support if you have any technical questions. Please contact sales at + 1 888 340 6572 (press 2) toll-free and let us demonstrate how to expand your experience.