Important CME update – new mandatory iLink tags

Dear traders,

As some of you may already know, on June 3rd 2011 new iLInk regulations by CME come into effect. The official CME release can be found here – Everyone submitting orders to CME must now include information about:

1. Application version

2. Whether the order was placed manually or automatically

3. Location code of where orders are placed from

These  changes mean that all trading software vendors and brokers had to adjust their programs  in order to comply with these requirements. We coordinated with all supported brokers and updated all APIs as required. You will need to simply update your MultiCharts version before June 3rd – and you can trade as usual.

If you are using MultiCharts 6.01 – there will be a new version available called 6.02. The only difference will support for new tags. This should not affect any read-only add-on studies that you have licensed to your UserID, i.e. everything should continue working as usual. This version will be available for download before this weekend in the Downloads section.

If you are using MultiCharts  7 or MCDT beta versions – simply update to MultiCharts 7 Beta 4 when it’s released in a couple of days. Beta 4 will include support for all necessary iLink tags.

Simple and easy. Happy trading.