MultiCharts 15.0 Beta 1

MultiCharts 15.0 Beta 1


Simulated Trading

We have had a large demand for being able to trade in the Data Playback Mode and now it is possible with the new Simulated Trading mode! The old Data Playback mode has been completely redesigned. In our new Simulated Trading you are able to not only play back historical data on a regular series on the charts, but also trade on them while playing back with the Paper Trader profile.

Simulated trading mode also allows you to trade using more detailed data such as Level 2 data.

With our new MultiCharts data source designed specifically for Simulated Trading you can download historical Level 2 data for a set of sample symbols and use it for Advanced Simulated Trading right away. When using other data sources, you can collect real-time Level 2 data and start using it for Advanced Simulated Trading when enough data is collected.

In Advanced Simulated Trading, you can fully trade on a chart, the Chart Trading Panel or in the DOM window using native data. Auto trading is also available. The pre-built simulated Paper Trader profile is used for trading.

In Standard Simulated Trading it is possible to use emulated data to playback DOM (including playback based on OHLCV values). To achieve that, DOM data is built based on available quotes.

Simulated Trading can be available without registration and free of charge. Any user can receive a free account via email without selecting a subscription plan or providing payment info.
With free accounts available tools are limited to Simulated Trading. To have access to other MultiCharts features, one should sign up for a free trial or purchase a subscription.

New Alerts

It’s now possible to receive alerts from MultiCharts not only by e-mail, but also to Slack and Telegram. Please visit our wiki to learn how to configure the alerts.

Data and Brokerage

  • ByBit data source and broker profile has been added
  • Rithmic 01: Updated the list of available Systems


Data and Brokerage

  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with strategy position in Order and Position Tracker not updating automatically
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with uploading data from the previous Paper Trader work session
  • Paper Trader: Fixed the issue with symbol mapping
  • OANDA: Fixed real-time data reception for certain symbols
  • Rithmic 01: Improved data processing

Charting/Data Handling

  • Fixed the issue with relative position of drawings while rescaling a chart
  • Improved the visual display of the status of the current chart or data series
  • Fixed an error when changing the scale of a chart
  • It’s now possible to attach and detach the DOM window.
  • Fixed the issue with uploading data using Historical Data Download
  • Optimized downloading real-time daily data
  • It’s now possible to resize the Strategy Properties window
  • Fixed exception when changing chart scaling


  • Chart Trading Panel in Full Mode now displays spread value for the selected symbol
  • Changed the name and the description of the “Ignore Tick Cache” checkbox
  • Added new indices to the Total Trade Analysis tab of Strategy Performance Report
  • Fixed order confirmation for the Risk Management mode


  • Improved the message about applying input combinations in the Optimization
  • It is now possible to choose between average or median value used in the criteria in the Set Robustness Settings
  • Added a new criterion Net Profit Correlation to the Set Robustness Settings


  • It’s now possible to comment out the selected fragment of code by pressing / or *
  • It’s now possible to send automatic orders based on additional calculation events, regardless of the IOG mode. These new settings are added to the Format Signal dialog in the Properties tab

General Improvements

  • Added the ability to log in to MultiCharts using your email instead of the login provided when purchasing the license
  • Moved the email alert settings to Preference and added the ability to add several email addresses
  • Added a new hotkey for the “Save As” command