MultiCharts .NET 12.0 Beta 1

New features:

TPO aka Market Profile ®

Forget about our old TPO indicator– MultiCharts now offers a native chart type for the Time Price Opportunity analysis. Profile values are accessible from the code, you can run backtesting, optimization, and even perform auto trading, all from your TPO chart! We’ve made it flexible – the customization options brought to you allows for flawless switching from any other TPO tool you may be familiar with. Our TPO is crisp and clear on any display you use – the profiles can auto fit any screen, whether it is your laptop or your 4K monitor.

Market Profile ® is a registered trademark of the Chicago Board of Trade

Matrix Optimization

We have completely reworked the graphical user interfaces of all optimization types. The all-new interface features Matrix Optimization for determining the most optimal parameters for regular re-optimization and evaluating the Strategy Robustness. Optimization runs are now available for viewing in an easy to use format that will reflect any changes made in the settings. You can review the best found values and configure the amount of CPU cores utilized by the optimization while it runs – continue the optimization in the background while you are doing your regular tasks in the foreground.

MultiCharts .NET x64 Test product

Now we feature our Beta versions as a separate product with isolated application/ database/ study folders. You can have this Beta installed alongside your main MultiCharts64 installation to fully test all of the new features without affecting your current version.

Bittrex data feed

We have extended the list of supported crypto currency data providers. Now it features Bittrex, Poloniex and Barchart (requires paid subscription).

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Charting/Data Handling

  • CSI: added the ability to load back-adjusted data. Learn more:
  • Renko: improved bar formation by fixing the error in price rounding.
  • Rectified issue with FreeQuotes data feed not loading data via specific proxy connection.
  • Metastock: data feed settings can now store more Data Folder Paths.
  • Fixed bug in which incorrect number of Records Processed was displayed in the ASCII Data Import window.
  • Fixed bug in which minute data Playback did not work on Cumulative Delta chart type.


  • Rectified issue with drawing alerts being triggered for an instrument that is no longer on the chart.
  • Fixed bug in which studies were disabled due to fast instrument switching.
  • Rectified issue with instruments without datafeed being deleted when changing their settings.
  • Bar Spacing minimum value is now 1/10 to avoid performance issues described here: Please contact support if you need to set a smaller value.
  • Rectified Assert that appeared in specific situations when reloading a chart with Volume Profile enabled.


  • OANDA (V20 API): rectified issue with a sell limit order changing to a buy limit order after manual disconnect and reconnect of the broker profile.
  • GAIN: fixed bug in which P/L and account balance values were incorrect after a losing trade was filled overnight.


  • Portfolio Trader: “Add Signal” and “Format Signal” windows are now resizable.
  • QuoteManager: added “Copy” button to the Edit Data window.
  • ASCII Export Scheduler now provides ability to export Up/Dn Vol, Up/Dn/Tot Ticks as requested here:
  • Adding instruments to the database window has been extended with “Add All” button.
  • Rectified graphical issues that appeared in Portfolio Trader upon adding multiple instruments.
  • It is now possible to change the XYZ Axis Input using the context menu in the 3D Optimization Graph.
  • Changed how “Data Server Mode” selection looks in Portfolio Trader.