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MultiCharts 7.4 Beta has a new Trading Performance Report and historical data PFG support. This beta also includes a number of bug fixes for overall stability and calculation accuracy.

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Trading Performance Report

Trading Performance Report is now available in MultiCharts. This report is similar to the Strategy Performance Report, but it’s based only on actual trades that were performed at the broker. The trades may have been done through chart trading, DOM, automated strategy or through broker’s platform – if the information on the account is returned to MultiCharts upon connecting to the broker, these trades will be shown in the Trading Performance Report.

Historical Data for PFG

PFG connection now offers historical data. Even though their FIX real-time service does not support historical data, we integrated another server

Order and Position Tracker Visual Change

Order and Position Tracker now shows only one line for each order generated. Previously one order could show 2 or more lines because of Symbol Mapping settings.

Workspace Name Handling

It is now possible to open more than one workspace that has the same name, but located in different folders. Tooltips are displayed for workspaces, showing where the file is stored or whether it’s unsaved.


Charting/Data Handling

  • NetChange value was incorrect in Status Line for PFG symbols.
  • Trading Technologies data feed would generate an extra Bid quote each time an Ask quote was received.
  • Daily forced logout by Patsystems API is now accompanied by appropriate warning messages to users.
  • Exchange files was missing for some symbol roots when exporting dictionary settings.
  • Real-time daily bar would not show up for eSignal data provider until the first update of the next bar was received.


  • Auto attach strategy settings are no longer reset when broker profile is disconnected.
  • Problems cancelling orders that were sent to PFGBEST.
  • Order and Position Tracker would sometimes show “Bad” message.
  • Filled stop orders through Trading Technologies would not show up with correct prices in Order and Position Tracker.


  • AvgPrice keyword would calculate incorrectly. More info here –
  • Signals would sometimes stop calculating in real-time when based on two data series.
  • MaxBarsBack settings in one strategy would affect calculations of another strategy in Portfolio Backtester (if one strategy had MBB = 10, and another MBB=150, then the first strategy would still wait 150 bars before beginning to trade).
  • Calculations of some EasyLanguage strategies didn’t match in MultiCharts and TradeStation.
  • Indicator would turn off during playback with Argument Invalid message.


  • Memory leak in the Patsystems connection when doing multiple requests.
  • Exception fixed when PosTradeExitName function has incorrect parameters.
  • Exception when opening Symbol Mapping dialog window.
  • “STD Exception invalid argument” error would appear when applying some complex indicators with functions.
  • Exception when optimizing a user’s script.
  • Exception when formatting optimization inputs.
  • Exception when going to File -> Open menu.
  • Exception in TradingServer process after several hours of auto trading.


  • Commas in indicator inputs applied to Scanner windows would cause all other inputs to blank out when workspace was reopened.
  • Inputs in studies would receive an extra space in front when workspaces were reopened.
  • Drawings would not show up if time/data was changed from a value outside the visible range to a value where it should be visible.
  • Renaming chart from context menu would not work if a chart was created.
  • Edit Instrument dialog would be partly hidden on monitors with specific resolutions.
  • Format Symbol dialog would show different in Symbol Search field and in the Symbol list.
  • Authorized connection button has a new look
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