MultiCharts .NET 9.1 Beta 2 has minor updates and fixes for features that were introduced in Beta 1. Read below for more!

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• DOM: added option “Show PnL in Volume Profile panel”.
• DOM: Volume values in Volume Profile now have static position and color.
• Portfolio Report – List of Trades now shows instrument’s resolution if you have the same instrument with different resolutions in portfolio.
• OEC: historical Asks and Bids with 0 Volume are now supplied.
• LMAX broker profile now automatically reconnects upon “Remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden” event.
• With IPlotObject.Reset() one can now remove historical plots.

Charting/Data Handling

• IB: incorrect MinMove was specified when adding XINA50 using Lookup.
• IB: it was impossible to get DOM data for Swedish Stocks.
• It was impossible to select “Use Symbol Dictionary Settings” for a newly created symbol root. More info:
• Weekly chart resolution was not updating with certain sessions.
• OEC: Time and Sales window did not show any data for an instrument with no historical data in the database.
• Time Scale improvement: out of session days are now ignored when indexes are created. More info:
• Custom Futures now automatically omits spaces at the beginning and at the end of the CF name (new instruments only).


• Portfolio Report: Profit values in List of Trades did not take the big point value into account.
• Report: incorrect Equity Curve Detailed when using Currency Conversion.
• Report: Strategy analysis and Daily Rolling Period Analysis pages had different data with Currency Conversion enabled.
• “Assign the Initial Market Position at Broker” dialogue window is now shown for all auto trading instruments in Portfolio Trader.

• Orders were not sent when BarStatus = -1 and AllowSendOrdersAlways = True.
• Optimization did not run if delimiter was changed in the System Regional Settings.
• AA auto trading mode now keeps information about pyramiding orders when no values are changed in “Assign Initial Market position at the broker” dialogue window upon auto trading start.
• TradeManager events did not work on Windows 10.

• Exception appeared upon update when databases had an exchange with 8 signs in abbreviation.
• It was impossible to start the PowerLanguage .NET editor with UAC enabled.


• Switched off indicator became hidden after switching it on. More info:
• Currency sign did not update in Order and Position Tracker window for OEC account.
• Fractional price scale had incorrect denominator shown in the DOM and on the chart trading panel. More info:
• Default hotkeys for “Close Window” and “Detach Window” can now be redefined. Learn more: