Download MultiCharts 7.4 Beta2

MultiCharts 7.4 Beta 2 has several bug fixes and trading improvements, particularly with modification and stop orders.

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Autotrading switches off after many rejections

Autotrading now turns off when orders reject more than N times in a row (between 10 and 20 times). This was created to prevent flooding broker servers with orders. If this happens, the user will see an error message that reads “Automated trading was stopped due to an excessive number of rejected orders.”


Charting/Data Handling

  • Trading Technologies data feed would receive several ticks with identical price when only one should have arrived.
  • PFGBEST charts would stop updating after new session began, while newly created charts worked.
  • Minute data would no longer be requested after having the chart open for several minutes. More info here –
  • DOM window would not open in two workspaces simultaneously that had existing charts with indicators, and DOM windows with Dynamic Price Scales.
  • Trade Bar and DOM for Trading Technologies profile would show different Best Ask and Best Bid values.


  • In DOM for Trading Technologies orders would sometimes be placed within existing price limits, even though the order was placed outside currently available bids and asks – resulting in an unexpected fill.
  • Modification of orders through autotrading would sometimes not work.
  • Exit automation strategies would not close the position entirely when they should be.
  • Using two broker profiles for the same broker but with different logins would result in incorrect (added) PnL in Order and Position Tracker.
  • Sometimes partially filled part of limit orders would get rejected resulting in MultiCharts not recording the filled part.
  • Autotrading issue where order is filled at the broker but shows up as rejected in MultiCharts.
  • Market position would be incorrectly calculated when limit orders would be partially filled and continuously modified by an autotrading strategy.
  • Open PnL for Trading Technologies would sometimes show correctly and sometimes show zero.
  • Stop orders would hang during modifying on ZenFire/Rithmic Server Sim. Modification is not available, so order will now remain unchanged after modification attempts.
  • Sometimes PnL updates would stop coming from Trading Technologies API even though orders would still be filled.
  • Support for trading through multiple gateways in Trading Technologies was removed for further development.
  • Filled stop orders through Trading Technologies would not show up with correct prices in Order and Position Tracker.
  • For PFGBEST broker profile, Strategy PnL and Open PnL would not match in the Order and Position Tracker.
  • Account information for PFGBEST broker profile is now refreshed after filled orders and closing positions.


  • Modification of orders through autotrading would sometimes not work.


  • TradingServer would use 100% CPU when connecting Interactive Brokers broker profile on XP or Vista on a single-core computer.
  • Exception during optimization.
  • Exception when turning on autotrading.


  • IB’s TWS in German language would not auto respond to MultiCharts connection requests.
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