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The main themes of MultiCharts 7 Beta 3 were stability and accuracy of calculations in trading and scripts. Essential fixes when MultiCharts would crash with Assert or Exception messages were fixed, and many calculation inaccuracies were addressed. A few very important updates were made to the trading aspect of MultiCharts. The stability and accuracy of this Beta 3 release is approaching release quality.


Calculation Accuracy

  • Studies based on two data series would not calculate to the end of the first (base) data series if the second series was shorter.
  • PFG Level 1 data would be overwritten by Level 2 data, resulting in incorrect displaying of prices.
  • Stop and Limit orders would not get converted to Market orders in Asynchronous Autotrading mode.
  • Indicator calculations involving two tick series would not calculate properly when “realtime-history matching” option was turned off.
  • “Next bar at open” PL command would send orders on the 2nd tick of the new bar, not the first one.
  • Indicator scaling precision (i.e. number of decimal points) was reflected in the status line, but not in the price scale.
  • Indicators don’t recalculate after enabling “Calculate on last bars of series” option in indicator settings.
  • Indicators would not calculate when opening a workspace with a chart that had only one ticking bar.
  • Indicator calculation on two data series did not match MultiCharts 4.0.
  • Sometimes Text_New would create drawings with incorrect coordinates. More info here –


  • If MultiCharts was closed and then restarted, and tsserver process did not terminate correctly after the initial close, broker interface would not return graphically any information (such as active orders, accounts, or visual pending orders) while orders could still be sent and executed on the broker. This created an impression of ‘ghost’ trades placed without user’s consent.
  • IntrabarOrderGeneration did not work correctly in Beta 2 (sometimes would not work at all).
  • Trailing Stop strategy would be active even if it was applied to an order that is not active yet – and would send orders even though the parent order was not activated yet. More info here –
  • Changed the behavior of Exit Automation strategies when they are turned off, where active OCO orders will not be canceled if the broker supports server-side OCO, and if the broker does NOT support server-side OCO, they will be canceled. A warning will be shown prior to canceling orders – WARNING: All OCO orders will be canceled because the broker does not support server-side OCO groups.
  • Interactive Brokers broker profile would be stuck in “Connecting” mode it was turned on and off very quickly.
  • Orders for Interactive Brokers would take a long time to cancel, and it was impossible to place orders while others were cancelling.
  • TradingServer process would deadlock if user was to disconnect and reconnect a broker profile 5-10 times.
  • Cancel Order context menu in DOM would show up empty when clicking on an aggregate order (more than one order at the same price).


  • PowerLanguage Editor would produce an exception if the letter “Z’ was printed.
  • Market Scanner would produce an exception if a symbol with resolution “1-point” was added.
  • PowerLanguage would produce “Error in Study : STD exception : invalid argument” when running strategies in Data Playback mode.
  • QuoteManager would return an exception when adding a symbol from Patsystems data feed, when the environment (Test or Client) was set incorrectly.
  • Asserts would occur and data series would not display when Contract and Second time resolutions were mixed on one chart and when real-time was present.
  • Asserts and exceptions would happen when compiling a study with the mouse cursor floating over the data window.
  • Asserts would occur after deleting symbols from Scanner.
  • Asserts would happen when importing certain QMD archives through the QuoteManager Import function.
  • If templates were changed for DDE data feed, a restart was necessary for them to work.
  • DDE charts would stop updating if “Collect R-T data without Plotting” option was turned on.


  • Not all data from FreeQuotes data feed would be displayed; holes in data would sometimes be present. More info here –
  • In Windows 7 and Vista icons in context menus would not display after opening these menus two or more times.
  • Compile button would become unavailable after changes were made in a PowerLanguage script.
  • BMF exchange was not properly configured in the QuoteManager.
  • Date in Portfolio Backtester settings window would not show date in the proper format according to local settings.
  • Icons were displayed incorrectly after under the Classic theme in Windows 7, Vista and Win2008 Server. More info here –
  • Patsystems data feed and broker stopped displaying connection error messages.
  • After canceling Import/Export of QuoteManager data, temporary files would not be removed.
  • If no template was chosen for DDE data feed, there were no error messages, only “Establishing Connection…” was shown which caused confusion.
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  3. Danil

    When I try to install ver.7 b3 it ends up with an error during installation.
    Although, ver. 7 b2 installs correctly..
    Could you please solve this issue?
    Here’s a picture of an error message –
    If it’s possible, I’d also appreciate reply to my e-mail.
    Thank you.

    1. Stan_MultiCharts

      IS the error reproducible on a regular basis? If so, please add a Bug Report with the appropriate steps to the PM part of our site. However, since beta 4 will come out tomorrow, you may as well wait and see if there is a problem with that version.

  4. Ben Sargent

    Will you be integrating TradeStation or InfinityAT into the Brokers section? PLEASE!!!!

    1. Stan_MultiCharts

      Infinity (based on Transact API) is currently being added. Their techs are undertaking the connection and we will include it once it’s finished. We are also currently thinking about including TradeStation brokerage into MultiCharts.

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