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MultiCharts 8.0 Beta 3 adds a few minor features, but its main purpose is to fix existing issues and fine-tune features before the official release. Based on the feedback from users, we gauge what else needs to be fixed before we release the Release Candidate, and then the official MultiCharts 8. Main objectives are stability and correctness of functioning.


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Visual improvements

Trade Control Panel, DOM and Trade Bar were made more compact. Colors and fonts were optimized for clarity and easy viewing.

OpenECry UUID interface

MultiCharts now connects to OpenECry using UUID. This means it’s now possible to use OECTrader and MultiCharts at the same time without turning on the Allow Remoting option.

Drawings extend into subcharts

An option added for TimeLine drawing to be extended over all the subcharts within a chart.

Other features

  • Patsystems symbols are now added with proper PriceScale, MinMove and BigPointValue settings directly from the provider.
  • Requesting a symbol list from eSignal was improved (now does not depend on IE settings).
  • OrderID for trading through Interactive Brokers is now generated within MultiCharts.
  • Extra messages about IB TWS connection status are filtered out and no longer shown.
  • QuantTrade Fractal Five indicators added to the paid Add-on section.
  • Order rejection reasons are now shown in the Logs tab in the Order and Position Tracker for Interactive Brokers when MultiCharts rejects the order itself.
  • Chart Shift can now be specified in percent and number of bars.
  • Switch to “HLC” and “Candlestick” chart types options were added to keyboard shortcuts.
  • “Parallel Lines” drawing tool is now called “Equidistant Channel”.
  • MIG bank connection parameters changed.
  • Log files now include users’ local timezone information.


Charting/Data Handling


  • Some orders were lost when using Unable to render embedded object: File (From Broker To Strategy MP Synchronizer) not found.signal.
  • Sometimes Stop Limit orders would be sent to Patsystems with a slightly incorrect price.
  • Impossible to move ProfitTarget and StopLoss orders on FXCM broker profile under certain conditions. More info here –
  • Impossible to move Stop Loss and Profit Target after a partial Profit Target execution. More info here –
  • OpenPL for open position for PFG is equal to zero for the first 5 minutes.
  • Active ProfitTarget and StopLoss orders would sometimes modify without request.
  • Orders would sometimes be stuck in Sent mode after being rejected in Trader Workstation.
  • Limit orders wouldn’t get always get cancelled when needed.
  • Optimize Order Flow feature worked differently when placing Buy and Sell orders in the same situation.
  • DOM in MultiCharts would lag behind X-Trader for Trading Technologies data.
  • Connection to Trading Technologies would not re-establish automatically after a short break.
  • Fill price equaled zero for BUND-JUN12 contract on XEurex exchange.
  • Feature to turn off autotrading if an order was rejected more than ‘N’ times did not work.
  • Orders would sometimes be stuck in PreCancelled mode even though they were canceled at the broker.
  • Order would be stuck in PreCancelled mode and error “final order status not received” would be displayed for MB Trading broker.
  • Orders were stuck in PreModified status for MIG Bank broker.


  • Keyword ‘category’ returned incorrect values for Custom Futures contracts. More info here –
  • A certain signal did not generate orders during a backtest on the last bar when it should have.
  • Calculation of signals changed incorrectly when using IntrabarOrderGeneration without Bar Magnifier.
  • Exit from setstopcontract when using Initial Entry was incorrectly interpreted.
  • Signal with command ‘open next bar’ calculated incorrectly without IntrabarOrderGeneration turned on.
  • Max Intraday DrawDown was significantly different in Portfolio Optimization Report and Portfolio Strategy Report.
  • TradingServer sometimes could not process ticks fast enough when IntrabarOrderGeneration was turned on and set to trade on every tick.
  • Skip Identical Ticks status (on/off) was not saved after exporting and importing an indicator.


  • Increased memory consumption when plotting 1500 symbols in Scanner with real-time from Interactive Brokers provider.
  • MCx64 Beta2 slower than Beta1. More info here –
  • Tsserver.exe process had issues processing very large volumes.
  • Exception when opening a workspace with several DOM windows from Trading Technologies data feed.
  • Exception when turning on Collect Data in QuoteManager for fast ticking Trading Technologies symbols.
  • Trading Technologies data feed would not always connect if QuoteManager was turned on and TT symbols had Collect Data turned on.
  • Asserts when using Unable to render embedded object: File (From Broker To Strategy MP Synchronizer) not found. signal.
  • Deadlock when compressing time scale to show year 2077.
  • Assert when creating an attached DOM or Data Window.
  • Deadlock when deleting “Market Depth on Chart” indicator in 32-bit MultiCharts with Interactive Brokers profile.
  • Exception when opening context menu from column heading in a ticking DOM.
  • Cannot close position when using Financial Advisor account through Interactive Brokers (Single Account Allocation)
  • Exception when opening the Find dialog in Symbol List in MultiCharts 32-bit.
  • Asserts after updating TWS to version 924.3a and broker profile would not always connect.
  • Exception in FIXServer.exe with AppVerifier.
  • Deadlock when canceling ASCII import and the file contains errors.
  • Assert when compiling a study with the following text Alert (“c=”,c,” v=”,ticks) ;
  • Assert if opening the ASCII Data Import dialog during ASCII mapping.
  • Assert with description __atl_condVal would sometimes appear.
  • Assert “nFieldLength < 260” when importing a QMD file.
  • Assert and exception when using Playback for data from TradeStation.
  • Deadlock when opening Print Preview for a second time using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Deadlock when saving data to local database after closing MultiCharts.
  • Deadlock when launching QuoteManager with Collect Data turned on for several Trading Technologies symbols.
  • Exception in LMAX data provider when closing and restarting MultiCharts quickly.
  • Exception in ZFServerProxy when opening a workspace.
  • Error “invalid pointer” when optimizing a signal with keyword “dom_isconnected”.
  • Error with text “unknown error” during optimization in the 64-bit version of MultiCharts. More info here –


  • Ask and Bid values disappeared from Trade Panel after disconnecting and reconnecting to Interactive Brokers.
  • Incorrect value of the Outliers field after exporting Strategy Performance Report to Excel.
  • Two columns Cum. Profit ($) in the List of Trades after exporting Performance Report to Excel.
  • Incomplete indicator name displayed when inserting an uncompiled indicator into the Scanner.
  • Symbol list from Patsystems would be different every time and took a long time to display.
  • Optimization Report results would sometimes sort incorrectly. More info here –
  • Drawing Hint would not disappear after being turned off through a keyboard shortcut.
  • Turning off Background Dragging with a keyboard shortcut did not return the cursor to its original state.
  • Sometimes it was not possible to press OK during ASCII Import, although all columns were already selected.
  • Sounds Alerts would be turned on although context menu option showed it as turned off.
  • Spin buttons did not fit in the field that changes ray positions in Fibonacci drawing tool options. More info here –
  • Filter in Format Instrument dialog worked incorrectly.
  • Position on chart blinked after upgrading to TWS 924.3a.
  • Extra line was added to Symbol Mapping.
  • Visual theme was not saved after closing and reopening a workspace. More info here –
  • After changing the size of dockable DOM, the size of Data Window increases and cannot be decreased. More info here –
  • When exporting Strategy Performance Report to Rina XML file format, bigpointvalue for Profit was not taken into account. More info here –
  • Incorrect value of Return on Account after exporting Strategy Performance Report to Excel. More info here –
  • Column with Undefined values was not ignored during ASCII Import.
  • DOM borders were distorted if the connection was broken, and the Last value shifted during the connection break.
  • Incorrect values for Renko and LineBreak definitions in Help for keyword ‘Bartype_ex’. LineBreak is actually 16 and Renko is 17.
  • First column was recognized incorrectly during ASCII Import if Price Multiplier or Volume Multiplier fields were changed.
  • Dockable Order and Position Tracker window would not receive complete mouse focus if there was an open chart.
  • False import occurred if no resolution was chosen during ASCII Import (seemed to import, yet not successful).
  • Status fields did not update in the Scanner while “waiting for data”.
  • When adding symbol from eSignal to Portfolio, the Instrument field would have ‘eSignal’ written in it, although it should be empty.
  • “Trade Bar” title disappeared from the Trade Bar.
  • Checkmarks would not appear in some menus when using certain themes in Windows XP and 7.
  • It was possible to open multiple Keyboard Shortcuts windows, while only one should be active.
  • Visual artifacts remained after creating two drawings and pressing Esc.
  • After turning off the Interactive Brokers broker profile, an incorrect number of active orders was shown.
  • DOM profile was not saved in the workspace if the profile was connected from the Trade Bar.
  • Settings dialog for Strategy Performance Report had an incorrect title.
  • Certain parameters of the GetAppInfo function were not described in the Help.
  • Symbols from PFG would be added with incorrect settings if requested with an invalid account, and then a valid one.
  • Calculator was highlighted on Trade Bar even if broker profile is turned off.
  • Some Stop Limit orders sent from MultiCharts were not visible in Patsystems’ J-Traders, and vice versa.
  • Strange behavior when opening/closing the dialog Edit Field Delimiters during ASCII Import.
  • When opening broker settings window from the SA/AA button menu, the Strategy Properties window would open instead.
  • After docking (undocking) of the service DOM window, the Data Window width increases (decreases).
  • Windows Xp Classical theme resulted in a thick border around editable inputs in studies.
  • In the search window in QuoteManager (Ctrl+F), the Tab, Esc and Enter buttons don’t work.
  • End of the file path was not shown when importing ASCII data from a file with a very long name.
  • Visual artifacts remained on screen after maximizing a chart and detaching the scanner.
  • ASCII import explorer would sometime not show.
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