Download MultiCharts 8.0 Release Candidate

MultiCharts 8.0 Release Candidate is one of the last versions before the release. It’s pretty much the release version, a last chance to iron out any bugs. Any beta testers are asked to report found issues through the PM, so we can correct before the release. Making sure all features work, and that there are as few bugs as possible.


Report bugs and request features in our Project Management system –


CQG Data Feed and Broker Added

Something exciting – we’ve added the CQG data feed and broker. We are happy to partner with CQG and AMP Global Clearing to bring you this offering, which includes unparalleled quality in real-time data and long historical backfill. The connection of CQG+MultiCharts is available exclusively through AMP Global Clearing, so you need to sign up for a demo there if you want to try it.

*NOTE* – To use CQG with MC

1. Download and install CQG Trader –  Don’t run it after install.
2. Register at Amp Global Clearing to get demo login/password –
3. Enter the password you get in QuoteManager for the data feed, and in the broker profile for trading.

Compact Mode and Extended Mode for DOM

New options for DOM window – extended mode and compact mode. Extended mode stretches DOM from top to bottom of your screen, and Compact mode shows a more compact trade panel.

Interactive Brokers CFD Support

Added support for Contract For Difference (CFD) for Interactive Brokers.

Order and Position Tracker Improvements

Search function added to Order and Position Tracker. Added support for copying (Ctrl+C) cells within Order and Position Tracker. Added support for Ctrl+Home (Ctrl+End) hotkeys in Order and Position Tracker. Ctrl+Home moves cursor to first line with info, Ctrl+End moves it to last line with info.  Added “Select All” option to the context menu in Market Scanner and Order & Position Tracker.

Send Logs

Improtant support change – Send Logs feature was added for easier support. It is located in MultiCharts -> Help. Simply click this button to send us your logs when technical support requests them.

Other features

  • It’s now possible to use percent (%) for creating Better Renko bars.
  • It’s now possible to build Better Renko bars from all resolutions, namely Tick, Minute, Second, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year.
  • Verified accuracy of BarType information for built-in studies that calculate volume based on BarType.
  • Improved response time when cancelling orders through Interactive Brokers.
  • Renamed some Keyboard Shortcut commands. Show Snap Mode -> Snap Mode, Show Tracking Time and Price -> Tracking Time and Price, Show Tracking Time -> Tracking Time.
  • Added exchanges for Northern European data provider TradeNode.
  • Added support for sorting by any column in the Add Symbol dialog window.
  • Improved MultiCharts’ starting time when launching.
  • Crosshair is now shown while creating drawings.


Charting/Data Handling


  • Brackets exit strategy placed 4 orders instead of two, which caused a flip in position as opposed to closing.
  • Limit orders did not cancel after time limit specified.
  • Orders would sometimes be stuck in PreCancelled mode even though they were canceled at the broker.
  • Stop and Stop-Limit were not modified on first bar during autotrading.



  • Exception when connecting PFG profile.
  • Exception when receiving symbol list and switching column sorting at the same time.
  • Exception in MultiCharts.exe process on a 64-bit machine.
  • Exception when compiling a study.


  • Order records sometimes visually doubled in Order in Position Tracker when trading through Patsystems.
  • OCO orders would sometimes be reflected as Manual when autotrading through Patsystems.
  • Orders appeared to be sent with the wrong price in Order and Position Tracker.
  • Strategy Reports in XML file had unintended symbols instead of proper strings.
  • Impossible to import a specific ASCII file; the OK button was disabled.
  • MultiCharts authorization through an HTTPS proxy broke.
  • Copying and pasting did not work correctly in Market Scanner windows. More info here –