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MultiCharts 8.5 Beta 2 has minor updates and fixes for features that were introduced in Beta 1. It also has improved optimization process and dialog windows, and has a new data feed and broker connection from AvaTrade (formerly AvaFX).

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Volume Profile Improvements

  • Volume Profile can now be built using weekly data.
  • “From – To” fields in Volume Profile now have the same settings as the general chart “From – To” fields.
  • Z-order for a profile is now based on a Z-series for Volume Profile.
  • Settings now open after double-clicking on a profile in Volume Profile.
  • Added new styles for POC and Value Area – Extended POC and Extended VA.
  • Added new styles for POC and Value Area in Volume Profile – Developing POC and Developing Value Area.
  • It’s now an option to show prices at POC, Value Area and the Price Range levels in Volume Profile.
  • Volume Delta and Cumulative Delta for IQFeed is built with more accuracy than other data feeds since MultiCharts can use Ask Traded and Bid Traded is used which is shipped by IQFeed with the trade value.

AvaTrade data feed and broker added

AvaTrade (formerly AvaFX) data feed and broker were added. AvaTrade is broker that is well known around the world. They currently offer Forex trading and quotes, but plan to integrate futures as well.

Currency Display in Order and Position Tracker

Accounts tab in Order and Position Tracker can now be shown in any user-defined currency.

Exit Strategy behavior changed

Exit strategy behavior was changed:
1) Strategies that were applied to active orders no longer “jump” onto the active position after the parent order was filled. They remain active and keep protecting orders that were generated by the parent order.
2) If an exit strategy is applied to the open position then everything works almost like before – position changes are monitored, but there’s a minor nuance. When calculating reaction to position changes it’s taken into account that there are strategies applied to filled orders and their effect on the overall position. In other words, strategies applied to the position protect the remainder that is not protected by strategies applied to individual orders.
3) Strategies applied to positions and strategies applied to orders will be visually different on both on the chart and in the DOM.
More info here –

Other features

  • Added an option to the “Preferences -> Trading” menu to use EntryPrice based on order fill price for semi-automated strategies. More info here –
  • Added an option to “Enable access to intra-bar time for calculation in Intra-Bar Order Generation mode” in Strategy Properties -> Backtesting tab.
  • Optimization dialog window now shows current best results during optimization.
  • Optimization settings window was improved – it’s now possible to exclude certain inputs and current input and step values are displayed.
  • Optimization Report now stays with its chart through any chart copy or workspace save operations after being generated. More info here – and here
  • Improved display speed of events from AvaTrade, CQG and MB Trading in Order and Position Tracker.
  • Algorithm for “Ask Traded – Bid Traded” in Volume Delta was improved. When it’s impossible to define volume direction at session open (As = Bid = Trade), then volume direction is defined based on UpTick and DownTick of the last session.
  • Added a new bar style called “High-Low” for regular bars, Renko and Cumulative Delta.
  • Added a new bar style called “Line on Close” for Cumulative Delta chart type.
  • A new style was added for Volume Delta to change text color and separate it from the Wick (outline) color.
  • Service (attachable) Scanner is now shown on the right by default and has 25 lines.
  • Added a clearer description for “Account Size Required” in Performance Reports.
  • Added options to enable/disable Instrument Dropdown and Resolution Dropdown menus (Chart options -> Status bar).
  • Added a column in Format Objects to display the date if the “From – To” has been anchored in Strategy Properties.
  • Improved conflict resolution behavior when importing QMD archives into the QuoteManager.
  • Updated session templates and symbol roots for CME Globex since their hours of operation changed from 3:15 pm CT to 4:15 pm CT.
  • Added Lock Drawing command to HotKeys.
  • Improved Manual and Strategy Performance Reports.
  • Added a clear error message: “Impossible to switch Data Server mode. Close all charts, scanners and QuoteManager windows. If you also have a service scanner (View > Show Scanner Window is enabled), then delete all symbols from this window. Then try to switch the Data Server mode again.”


Charting/Data Handling


  • Fixed an issue when using several broker profiles for Interactive Brokers at the same time.
  • Removed “FIX Tag 77 = C” from Trading Technologies trading profile to improve performance.
  • Problems when trading CFDs through the IB account.
  • It was sometimes impossible to move exit strategies around. More info here –



  • Exception when closing the session with a timeout under certain conditions.
  • Exception in ScannerManager.dll when closing MultiCharts with certain workspaces and databases.


  • StartValue and EndValue in optimization settings did not match CurrentValue by default.
  • Option “Status line – Enable MultiLine Mode” now carries OHLCV values over to the next line if it doesn’t fit on the chart.
  • Fixed “real-time” algorithm for Volume Delta. If Trade comes between Ask and Bid, then its volume is defined by UpTick or DownTick.
  • When connecting to Halifax TWS the connection prompt dialog was not auto-accepted.
  • Removed unsupported currencies from the Preferred Currency list. More info here –
  • Fixed Ctrl-Z shortcut in PowerLanguageEditor.
  • Extra colors for chart components were not saved. More info here –
  • Clicking the “Other” button in the dialog for choosing colors for Volume Profile resulted in switching to another application.
  • It was sometimes impossible to open PowerLanguageEditor from inside MultiCharts. More info here –
  • Very small values for Slippage and Initial Capital in the Strategy Properties dialog were changed to the exponential format, i.e. “1e-00X”
  • Open PnL on the Strategy Position tab in Order and Position Tracker was displayed with an incorrect currency symbol for LMAX broker.
  • Equity Curve Detailed Long and Equity Curve Detailed Short charts were not exported to Excel from Strategy Performance Report along with other information. More info here –
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