MultiCharts 8.8 Release 3 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for issues in 8.8 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 8.8 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 8.8 Release here.


  • “Zen-Fire/Rithmic Server Sim” is now renamed in “Rithmic Paper Trading”.
  • Add a new option to eSignal data feed settings:”Use eSignal range checking filter for trades” (if it’s on then it should eliminate conglomerations on futures ET H4-DT). Learn more on our Forum here.
  • Added a setting for establishing connection to Aggregated Rithmic 01, Rithmic 01 Colo 75 and Rithmic 01 – Europe.
  • Now Server setting is available in the FXCM.
  • Replace Reset button with “Reset Balance” in ZenFire/Rithmic Local Sim. It resets the balance to the initial value but the position and orders remain unchanged.
  • The symbol on a chart was erroneously changed when one had only altered the resolution.
  • ASCII Import failed and an exception on Windows 8.1 popped up.
  • ASCII file with the time format as *h:mm or *h:*m could not be imported.
  • AVATrade: update the API up to version 6.
  • After canceling Windows shutdown MultiCharts ceased functioning and showed a false report.
  • Chart Symbol settings in Symbol Mapping were not applied until the request was changed.
  • Charting: in some cases historical orders were not displayed on a chart.
  • Discrepancies in Extended Backtesting results with IOG turned on between versions 8.5 and 8.8.
  • Error occurred when a default name (“Buy”) in a signal had been already used for the other signal.
  • Exception on MultiCharts start (GDI32.dll).
  • Exception when using a service Scanner window.
  • Gaps and asserts appeared when plotting N Days (N>=2) or higher chart and when a data vendor provided quotes up to 1946.
  • Manual Trading: PnL from MBTrading was missing if the symbol of this position was not connected to real-time.
  • Manual Trading: exit strategies Bracket and Breakeven sent “turned inside-out” Stop Limit orders.
  • Manual Trading: no broker position was shown on ZenFire/Rithmic Local Sim after MultiCharts restart until PnL got updated or one clicked Buy/Sell buttons.
  • MetaStock: missed data on a chart.
  • No real-time data coming from MCFX data feed after disconnection.
  • Not all the processes were unloaded on MultiCharts shutdown.
  • One of tick charts stopped updating after reload (charts with different sessions).
  • Order and Position Tracker: quantity filled of a partially filled order became equal zero when the broker got disconnected.
  • Session Break was plotted above the data series if there was an indicator applied on it.
  • Optimized memory usage for TradingServer process and the CPU load of the MultiCharts process.
  • WeBank: the status of a partially filled order could not be identified. More info on our Forum here.
  • When opening a function in PLEditor it consumed unwarranted amount of resources and hanging.
  • When the option Precise Marker was off a black rectangle appeared on Time Scale.
  • When there was a chart plotted with Custom Futures that had a rollover that day, the trace was written to the logs on each tick.
  • Rithmic data disappeared from a chart after reload.
  • IB data feed: different volume data in MultiCharts and TWS (reproduced on symbols from exchanges: CHIXUK, CHIXDE, CHIXEN, CHIXCH).
  • tsServer: Assert CheckVectorMem(Bars,RecordCount) and ASCII data failed to be imported.

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