MultiCharts 9.0 Beta 3 has the long awaited reworked Currency Conversion algorithms that now suit the needs of the majority of our customers. It also includes minor updates and fixes. Read below for more!
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Charting/Data Handling

• “Show empty periods” option did not work when there was a holiday for this date in a holiday list
• There were incorrect resolution value limits in Portfolio Trader
• Symbol dictionary for CQG now includes the updated roots and settings for Platinum, Palladium & Gold (PLE, PAE, GCE respectively)
• WeBank: category was determined incorrectly for some instruments

• The orders that had been manually cancelled while Portfolio Auto Trading was on pause were still submitted to the broker
• Already existing historical orders were duplicated after the connection had been re-established for CQG broker profile
• Orders generated on backfilled data (after connection had been restored) were still sent to the broker, disregarding the settings (on Windows XP only)

• Currency conversion algorithm has been updated to have a single conversion. More info here:
• The algorithms of the currency determination for forex instruments have been improved
• Position limits rules were not working in the prebuilt Portfolio_Rotation strategy
• RecalcLastBarAfter did not work in Portfolio Trader
• Function was calculated incorrectly when base series was specified via a variable
• TPO Indicator was not plotted under certain conditions
• Calculation results in MC 9.0 were different from MC 8.5 when arrays were used in the code

• Abnormal memory usage when the data range was changed on a chart with a Strategy Performance Report open
• Excessive logging for MCFXPrivate (currency conversion data provider) has been removed
• Realtime prices were not updating properly on the chart due to excessive logging
• Deadlock occurred after you click Apply in the “Assign Market Position” window upon auto trading start
• Exception was raised upon opening multiple particular user workspaces
• Exception was raised in TradingServer.exe under certain scenario

• “Realtime-History Matching” is now a global strategy setting and can be found in Strategy Properties->Backtesting
• Indicator Style settings were not saved in the scanner window
• Sometimes incorrect icons and keyboard shortcuts appeared in right click drop down menu in Order and Position Tracker window
• Email alerts stopped working for some service providers due to the changes in their server protocols
• “Data sources merging” options went misconfigured after switching tabs in Format Instrument window