MultiCharts 9.0 Release 5

MultiCharts 9.0 Release 5 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 9.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 9.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 9.0 Release here.

Charting/Data Handling

• ASCII Mapping: No data was plotted on a daily chart on some PCs (depends on the selected time zone).
• Open interest values are now available for MetaStock data.

• Patsystems: GTC and GTD time-in-force is now supported for stop and limit orders (not supported for stop limits).
• MBTrading: Open P/L value was not 0 while broker position was flat.

• In some situations ChangeMarketPosition did not work as expected for exits.
• Currency conversion was incorrect on Monday for some instruments.

• Command line command “.rep” did not work after Strategy Performance Report was called from View tab.
• Instrument Name filter in Format Instrument window did not work as expected in some situations.
• Interactive Brokers: now error message “Number of subscriptions to real-time data for different symbols has exceeded 100” is shown in Order and Position Tracker window Logs tab.
• QuoteManager did not properly store selected sorting options.

• In some situations TsServer.exe has crashed.
• In some situations an exception was raised when removing instruments from the scanner window.
• Memory leak when using DOM with PATSystems.
• In some cases errors were generated on QuoteManager exit.
• Exception appeared when using mouse wheel to scroll exit strategies list on chart trading panel while strategy hint is shown (only on Classic Windows theme).
• Error appeared “Failed to save portfolio report” when using Open Office. More info: