MultiCharts 9.0 Release 7

MultiCharts 9.0 Release 7 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 9.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 9.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 9.0 Release here.

Charting/Data Handling

• DDE connection affected instrument settings for Interactive Brokers.
• Endless Establishing connection or Backfilling upon reloading multiple charts with the same base resolution when market is closed.
• Interactive Brokers: it was impossible to get historical data for 014H instrument.
• CSI: it was impossible to get data for Cash instruments.
• CustomFutures: Added support for root K200 (instrument 014U exchange KSE, Interactive Brokers).
• Sometimes it was not possible to get data for an expired symbol.
• TWS for Stadia Trustees did not automatically accept the incoming connection.
• CQG: Realtime data stopped due when open positions >15.

• OANDA: incorrect PnL value was shown. The broker does not provide the PnL via API, therefore no PnL value will be shown from now on. Learn more.

• Percent Trailing was calculated incorrectly in the code.
• Exception in Translator appeared when compiling a certain study.
• Study on Study: changes in inputs were not applied when input names had full stop mark.
• Market Depth on Chart indicator did not work on custom futures charts for instruments with currency different from USD. Lean more.
• Complex expressions (with Or and And) without parentheses in Repeat-Until loop did not work as expected.

• Second and millisecond values were not shown on X time scale for “N Change” resolution.
• Drawing objects on “N Changes” resolution were missing the time coordinate.
• Chart Shift changed by itself upon closing Format Instrument window.
• Optimization: incorrect step count when using a negative step size.
• Optimization Report results did not have enough precision when using a negative step size.
• LMAX: Duplicated “Cancelled” order statuses are now filtered in the Order and Position Tracker.

• TsServer.exe did not close automatically when you exit the application if there was a scanner linked to a chart.
• Exceptions and Asserts in TradingServer.exe process.
• CQG: COM API updated to the latest version.
• CQG: reconnect attempts now stop when “Expired password” error is received from the API.
• Abnormal memory usage by CQGProxyServer when open positions >15.
• Interactive Brokers: added a limit for realtime data requests frequency (helps to avoid “max rate of messages per second has been exceeded” when you have no orders but using the data only).
• OANDA: connection issues if data provider did not respond to requests within 4 minutes.
• ASCII Mapping: Exception appeared when using “Get symbol from: File’s field” if name in the file was above 31 characters.
• eMailAlerts: added a registry key to switch between old and new implementations. Use old implementation that supports old Exchange versions only if the new one (with SSL/TLS authorization) does not work for you. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TsSupport\ProductName>] “UseOldSMTPSender”=”True”. Any other value will enable the new implementation.
• FIX connection did not work if logs path contained national characters.