MultiCharts 9.1 Release 3

MultiCharts 9.1 Release 3 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in version 9.1 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 9.1. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 9.1 here:


Charting/Data Handling

  • Interactive Brokers: made multiple changes in order to provide compatibility with the latest versions of IB TWS & IB Gateway.
  • Interactive Brokers: now it is possible to get data for USD.ZAR.
  • IQFeed: made some changes to avoid realtime data stop.
  • Added Mini-DAX Futures (FDXM) root into Rithmic 01 symbol dictionary.
  • OANDA: made a change to allow loading minute data supplied for 2002 – 2005 (1 tick per day).
  • OEC connection has been improved for loading complete historical data for continuous contracts.
  • OEC: 6E contracts now work correctly in the DOM.
  • AVATrade: fixed bug with daily chart stop updating the next day.
  • Fixed erroneous Custom Futures rollover in realtime when using the “Event” condition.
  • Improved Custom Futures support for symbols with “root + year digit + month letter” names. Example: FIB6C.
  • Dukascopy: we’ve updated the SLL libraries to ensure the connection operation.


  • CQG: made some changes for better “Realized PnL” calculation in the “Position History” tab.
  • Fixed bug when open positions and orders were not displayed on a chart/in the DOM for the PaperTrader profile due to an incorrect symbol mapping line.



  • Fixed bug in which changing the instrument in the DOM window for WeBank locked MultiCharts for 10 minutes.
  • PortfolioTrader did not actually exclude symbols it was unable to load data for after clicking “Yes” in “Do you wish to continue without symbols listed?”. More info:
  • Fixed Exception which would occur when creating a chart for a certain Metastock instrument.
  • Made some changes to help TradingServer.exe to close automatically upon exit.
  • Fixed Runtime Error R6025 which appeared when backtesting a signal with SetPercentTrailing and Breakeven with IOG=On. More info:
  • Fixed Exception which appeared when calling the “Format Instrument” in the scanner for an instrument that has “;” in the Description.
  • Fixed Exception which appeared when calling the “Add Custom Futures” in the QuoteManager.
  • Fixed Exception which appeared upon adding some WeBank instruments.


  • Fixed bug in which the charts were blank with no data/studies shown upon opening multiple workspaces.
  • Added a new Custom Futures alert “Today is the rollover day. Realtime data has stopped. Reopen your workspace to roll over”.
  • Fixed bug when the time to the right of the current bar was displaying a past time. More info:
  • VolumeProfile: now negative values are shortened too when “Always Show Entire Number” is disabled.
  • List of Trades from the Portfolio Performance Report can now be saved into csv / txt. Select the “Text File with the List of Trades only (*csv; *txt)” in the “Save as type” selector upon export.