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MultiCharts .NET version 8.1 is a minor update to the recent official release of MultiCharts .NET 8. MultiCharts .NET combines advanced trading features with powerful .NET languages to give a solution to professional programmers. This update includes new indicators, new programming possibilities, and error fixes.

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  • All standard signals and indicators in MultiCharts .NET have been verified to work identically to the ones in MultiCharts.
  • New constructor/attribute was added to manage partial exits from one entry order.
  • It looks like this – [SameExitFromOneEntryOnce = false/true]. The attribute looks like this – [ExitFromOneEntryOnce(ExitFromOneEntryOnce.FillAndKillExitOrder)].
  • Source code for functions was made accessible.
  • Added second-by-second Data Playback to 64-bit MultiCharts.
  • New status was added for order that were NOT confirmed by the user – “Ignored”.
  • MarketProfile (TPO) indicator was added to MultiCharts .NET. More info here –
  • New service window (permanently attachable, like the Data Window) was added for the Scanner.
  • Added a new tab in Order and Position Tracker called ‘Market Position History at Broker”, which tracks how MP changed over time on the account. This helps resolve any questions as to why an order could’ve been sent for X contracts, but the MP changed for Y contracts.
  • Added a new tab in Order and Position Tracker called ‘Alerts”, which tracks and displays all alerts generated by scripts.
  • Autotrading is now automatically turned on in workspaces in which it was enabled during shutdown. The user will be prompted for confirmation prior to start of autotrading. This is convenient for workspaces that have multiple charts enabled for autotrading.
  • Timeout can now be specified manually in the broker profile. This is particularly useful for Interactive Brokers to help with the following message: “Didn’t receive final status for the order”, and you’d like to increase the waiting time.
  • Updated Symbol Search for Bloomberg API (MC PRO version only).
  • Added a Symbol Dictionary for Bloomberg (MC PRO version only).
  • Ability to draw a horizontal or vertical TrendLine when holding down CTRL. More info here –
  • New button “Turn AutoTrading Off” was added on the Order Confirmation dialog.
  • Custom Futures now supports symbols with the following symbology – “NIFTY10APRFUT” using Interactive Brokers data provider.


Charting/Data Handling

  • “Use as Default” checkboxes did not work on Format Studies -> Properties and Scaling tabs.
  • Fixed data requests when deleting studies.
  • Fixed backfilling on charts with Custom Futures symbols from Interactive Brokers.
  • MultiCharts 8 could not read data from a database created in MultiCharts 6.
  • Data could not be received for symbol TEF, category CFD, SMART exchange.
  • Sometimes impossible to create charts for expired contracts for CQG.
  • No real-time data for CQG if timezone chosen for chart is GMT+5:30.
  • Plot did not disappear in the Market Scanner after NoPlot() was executed.
  • Fixed incorrect historical volume values from IQFeed. More info here –
  • Problem when using data merging between OpenECry data feed and ZenFire Local Sim broker profile – ask/bid prices weren’t showing up.
  • UpVolume and DownVolume were shown incorrectly for ZenFire datafeed.


  • Orders were filled at strange prices on ZenFire Local Sim after 4 pm.
  • Stop order price was incorrectly shown in MultiCharts for MB Trading broker profile if the order was sent from another application.
  • Orders were visually doubled in Order and Position Tracker if two broker profiles were created and used for Trading Technologies with the same login but different accounts.
  • Problems if orders were sent to Trading Technologies with an incorrect account number.
  • Sometimes impossible to place orders after creating a chart for CQG.
  • Orders could not be sent for symbol TEF, category CFD, SMART exchange.
  • Price orders were being sent right after turning on autotrading in-between sessions.
  • Emulation of OCO exit orders did not work. One order was not cancelled when other was filled.
  • Account information did not update if there was no trading activity for the OpenECry broker profile.
  • Issues regarding connecting MB Trading on application startup and when plotting DOM.


  • An extra “Avg_Close_Greate_Avg_Open” study was seen on some machines after the install.
  • PLE.Net during export did not attach all needed References if it failed once before.
  • Exporting studies with source files would sometimes also export core MultiCharts files.
  • Bollinger Bands signal did not calculate identically in MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET.
  • Sometimes only half of the studies would be compiled after installation.
  • DrawContext.Environment.Bars.Get did not return existing bars in real-time.
  • MaxDataStream did not return the expected maximum number of the data series applied to the chart. More info here –
  • AverageFC function returned different results if it was calculated several times on the same bar. More info here –
  • Day_OpenHiLo_Lines indicator output did not match the output in MultiCharts regular.
  • Market_Depth_on_Chart_2 indicator shows prices with incorrect price scale. More info here –
  • Issue with handling decimal numbers for inputs during optimization.
  • Commissions incorrectly affected signals with DollarTrailing.
  • Sometimes MaxBarsBack value did not influence “crosses over” calculation. More info here –
  • Limit orders did not fill on the last tick of the bar (1 Tick Magnifier).
  • Some keywords that compiled in 7.4 stopped compiling in MultiCharts 8. More info here –
  • Indicator with Global Variables on several data series stops calculating with the Contract resolution.
  • PosTradeIsOpen and PosTradeIsLong keywords did not work as was described in the Help file. More info here –
  • Some strategies calculated fine on individual charts and did not calculate in Portfolio Backtester.


  • Optimization sometimes did not work.
  • NullReferenceException sometimes appeared when StartCalc method was replaced. More info here –
  • Deadlock and memory leak when certain conditions are met in the DataLoader.
  • MultiCharts.exe sometimes consumed up to 10GB of RAM without enough justification.
  • Exception when trying to send an email alert.
  • Deadlock when turning off trading (Sync AT + Show Initial Entry Position always + active RT from broker).
  • Exception when closing the application in TradingServer.
  • Assert in study_runner when using an indicator with Global Variables on several data series stops calculating with the Contract resolution.
  • Exception in MultiCharts64.exe under when compiling a study that’s already applied.
  • Deadlock when changing signal status if the Strategy Performance Report is open.
  • Memory leak in tsServer.exe when creating a new tick chart for a new symbol or doing a large reload for LMAX data feed.


  • Program windows did not maximize to their initial size after being minimized.
  • Row numbers after choosing Show Row Selector in Market Scanner did not serialize properly.
  • Sometimes part of a detached window was not visible.
  • ‘Use as Default” checkbox was removed from Format Study -> Inputs and Style in MultiCharts .NET.
  • Symbol Dictionary for some data providers showed incorrect setting for the ZB symbol root.
  • Visually empty Market Scanner windows added many symbols to the QuoteManager database.
  • Some filter searches returned more results than they should have.
  • PowerLanguage Editor name was corrected to PLE .NET.
  • No error message appeared when compiling a study with a name different from class.
  • Scanner always showed only one plot, even when there were more than one applied.
  • Visual Studio launch button did not always work on some computers.
  • Class and constructor names did not change after saving studies through the Save As dialog.
  • Impossible to place cursor in the Name field in the “Save As” dialog in PLE .NET.
  • Fixed error with CSV export to Excel 2003 (now export is done in UTF-16LE format).
  • Color schemes were mixed up for Candlesticks and Hollow Candlesticks for the Neutral component. More info here –
  • Visual artifacts remained on-screen after drawing in Snap Mode. More info here –
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  2. Ankur Kanoria

    Please add feature to specify symbol root when importing symbol list, else adding custom futures becomes a pain. Also add feature to merge realtime and historical in scanner.

  3. mohi


    When are you going to add the following 3 features, seen below in Multicharts NET?

    1- Volume Delta chart type
    2- Cumulative Delta chart type
    3- Volume Profile

    The above 3 features are currently found in Multicharts only.

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