MultiCharts .NET 9.1 Release 2

MultiCharts .NET 9.1 Release 2 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 9.1 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts .NET 9.1 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts .NET 9.1 Release here.


Charting/Data Handling

  • QuoteManager: Edit Data did not preserve the changes for daily bars.
  • CQG: added support for Mini-DAX Futures (FDXM).
  • CQG: sometimes Custom Futures charts never finished Backfilling.
  • CFD did not update on a chart if you had this instrument selected in the Time and Sales window.
  • IB: Ask and Bid realtime values stopped updating on the Chart Trading Panel after closing position.
  • IB: Ask and Bid realtime values stopped updating on the Chart Trading Panel and Trade Bar after multiple forced reconnects to IB data servers.
  • Import Symbol List did not import all instruments from a file with Chinese characters.
  • TradeStation: current daily bar had incorrect date.
  • Incorrect future bar timestamps.
  • OEC: improved algorithms for determining ask/bid-traded statuses.
  • OEC: historical minute data now has UpVol/DownVol & UpTicks/DownTicks values.
  • OANDA: realtime data stopped after multiple >1000 contract entries into the same direction.
  • CumulativeDelta chart was plotted incorrectly after changing the Data Range value.
  • Volume Profile data lagged behind the realtime data.


  • CQG: Exit strategy with one order was rejected by broker.
  • CQG: in some cases orders were sent with incorrect price.
  • OANDA connection now uses 64-bit Broker Order ID.
  • PaperTrader: incorrect Realized PL after closing a position opened by multiple entry orders.
  • PaperTrader: in some cases price orders were not executed.
  • IB: incorrect symbol mapping was created for some futures instruments.
  • IB: incorrect symbol mapping was created for stock option instruments.


  • Special orders that accept tick offset did not work correctly in PerPosition mode.
  • Sharpe ratio and Calmar ratio are now available in the Portfolio Performance Report. New section “Financial Settings” has been added under Portfolio Settings for configuring the calculation of these metrics.
  • DataLoader was unable to load data for the feeds that do not provide tick historical data.
  • Resolved issues with the prebuilt TPO indicator calculation speed.
  • That was impossible to compile a function with an error in code if study had “indicator” word in its name.
  • DataLoader delivered no realtime ticks for a new session. More info here:
  • DataLoader requested tick data when loading daily bars. To resolve the issue add the following to your code:

InstrumentDataRequest req = Bars.Request;

req.RequestStatusDetails = false;

  • All DataLoader.DataLoaderCache subscriptions were removed after calling the DataLoader.DataLoaderCache.Instance.Dispose()


  • In some cases TsServer.exe did not finish properly.
  • Exception has appeared upon creating a new Forex Board window while all broker profiles were inactive.
  • Removed Excessive Scanner window logging.
  • Impossible to restore data from file cache after crash (when file cache is enabled).
  • It was impossible to open the desktop files from ver. 9.0 with service scanner window.


  • IB: “Launch Trader Workstation at start” option was unable to launch the latest TWS version.
  • Chart context menu now has a new option “Color Theme” with three prebuilt schemes: Black, Grey, White.