MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition 8.8 Release 2 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for issues in 8.8 Release reported by our customers.

New features include:

  • Desktops for saving MultiCharts .NET SE layouts on all monitors
  • Daily data can be plotted with different session templates at the same time because daily bars can be formed out of minute data
  • Advanced Market Scanner for scanning almost all the stocks
  • MultiCharts .NET SE 8.8 Release 2 contains more broker connections

MultiCharts .NET SE has become easier with improved usability:

  • Dynamic Naming for orders based on script calculations
  • Hidden data series now do not affect the bar space of visible data series
  • MultiCharts Performance Report can be now exported into OpenOffice
  • Limit Order Execution Assumptions has been also added to Portfolio Backtester
  • Improved the optimization process: no annoying verification messages any longer when the Start Value, End Value, and Step are changed

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  • Now InteractiveBrokers symbols with PriceMagnifier<>1 are automatically set up in Symbol Mapping correctly.
  • Incorrect Order ID was sent from WeBank broker profile.
  • Custom Futures YMH13.D from TradeStation could not be plotted on a chart.
  • Orders rejected on ZS JAN 14 symbol from Interactive Brokers.
  • Volume Profile partially disappeared when the second data series was Hide. More details on our Forum here.
  • Incorrect Day Low level in DOM window.
  • Bid/Ask quotes of GF and YG symbols from InteractiveBrokers were not displayed in Chart Trading Panel and on Trade Bar.
  • Exception when trying to add a symbol using corrupted database.
  • Exception in Dam.dll module when Rescanning Custom Futures historical data.
  • Exception in Scanner.dll module during pre-scanning.
  • tsServer: No data on a chart for the symbol that expired 3 months ago.
  • AutoTrading: when Optimize Order Flow is enabled and a strategy order is rejected the “Can’t wait for order statuses” message arrives on sending another order from the script. More info on our Forum here.
  • There were real-time ticks with zero price and volume on HSI futures from eSignal data feed. We’ve created a filter to fix this issue. Learn more on our Forum here.
  • Session Break disappeared on a subchart with more than two indicators applied.
  • tsShaper: Assert tsShaper::CTable<struct tsSeria::STick>::InsertRealtimeData, 382 when filling the gaps after disconnection.
  • Collect Real-time Data functionality in QuoteManager failed to store real-time data when a chart with this symbol was closed in MultiCharts.

Get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts .NET Starter Edition 8.8 Release here.