Webinar: Using MultiCharts To Determine “Price Behavior”

Join us on Tuesday, January 14th at 1:30 pm EST to see MultiCharts software in action in the hands of professional trader, Mike Baghdady, mentor to professional and self-directed traders worldwide.  This is a remarkable opportunity to learn from a master much more about MultiCharts, amplified by Training Traders proprietary short term or long term trader decision support software.  Mike will be presenting “live” to show everyone how to really use the power of MultiCharts to gain better trade confirmation and answer questions as well.

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Who is Mike Baghdady?
Mike Baghdady is the world’s foremost expert on Price Behavior and a 35-year veteran of the global financial markets, spending the tail-end of his professional career on the NYBOT trading floor until its merger with the InterContinental Exchange.  A key market analyst, syndicated columnist and commentator for financial television stations, Mike began his career in New York as an apprentice to Alan Shaw, widely considered to be the father of modern Technical Analysis learning. Mike was also awarded “Winner of the World of Trading 2009” live trading competition in Frankfurt.

Mike has taught his Price Behavior methodology to over 50 banks, institutions and dealing desks.  He has also delivered keynote speeches at Oxford University, American University in Cairo and seminars in around the world at private seminars and trade shows.

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The webinar will be hosted by TT Training Traders, our partner and a leading provider of trader training and trading resources.

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