MultiCharts Webinars

At MultiCharts we are committed to helping traders learn and grow by inviting industry experts to present at webinars. Different presentations cover trading methods, trading ideas, and our MultiCharts trading software. Everyone from new traders to experts can learn something new.

This week we have three (3) upcoming webinars:

Wednesday, 17th of April 2013 – MultiCharts webinar with Dan Dwyer Tom Class from Trading Continuity Services

A lot of traders want to be mobile and monitor their auto trading in MultiCharts on iPads, iPhones , Android devices while they are at work or simply away from the home PC.  Tom explains you how to do it with ROXI integration that can really improve your trading. ROXI is a revolutionary Remote Order Xchange Interface that allows you to settle your trading system closer to the broker server and therefore place orders faster.

Thursday, 18th of April 2013 – Price Action Redux webinar with Dr. Don Brogan

1. What exactly is Price Action?
2. The relativity of Overbought/Oversold levels and why that is important and how to determine these levels.
3. Why is it important to take the subjectivity out of trend lines?
4. How to make swing highs and swing lows into a leading indicator?
5. The importance of support and resistance and how to determine it.

Friday, 19th of April 2013 – MultiCharts webinar with Alexey Krishtop

There are many ways to design trading systems, and the amount of information on this exciting subject is literally tremendous. However as we all know only a small percent of traders are consistent winners, even among those in line with systematic approach. What could be the ideas that lie in the foundation of a really robust trading strategy? What are the key metrics that allow to say if a strategy is worth trading live? What are the factors that may affect the future performance of the strategy? Alex Krishtop of Edgesense Solutions is going to outline a complete methodology used by him to develop institutional-grade automated trading systems that work consistently for years without any adjustments.

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