New Builds of MultiCharts and MultiCharts.NET 8.7 Release

MultiCharts 8.7 Release builds 7633/7634 and MultiCharts .NET 8.7 Release builds 7635/7636 are minor upgrades that include the hot fixes for issues in MultiCharts 8.7 Release reported by our customers.
• FXCM Trading plug-in: CreateFixOrder and ChangeOrderRate methods upgraded.
• Issue with TT broker profile: oder status not requested for the second time.
• Issue with Optimizable Inputs tab contents in Optimization dialog fter signal re-compilation.
• IQFeed: Daily chart plotted out of tick data regardless of the selected connection option.
• Issue with getting real-time data from IB.
• Exception when copying/pasting a Kagi or Point and Figure chart or opening a workspace with minimized Kagi or Point and Figure charts.