October Sweepstakes Winner Announced!

The lucky winner of October MultiCharts sweepstakes is Rien Bos who won a $1000 discount on the purchase of a lifetime license (67% discount)!

We’ve conducted a short interview with Rien to see what and how he trades.

We found it pretty interesting, hope you do too!

– Tell us a bit about who you are, your background (i.e. what you do for a living, your trading or other company, etc)

– I`m Rien 24 years old and living in Amsterdam the Netherlands. I’ve started trading in 2008 during university and now about 5 years later i still trade stocks. My trading office is in Amsterdam’s exchange building at the trading arcade Better Options LLP.

– How do you trade and what do you focus on?

– I trade U.S. stocks with a momentum approach, I focus mostly on technical patterns in combination with news. I strongly focus on the market psychology of the other players in the market and scalp in and out of positions until I see that my initial thesis is right then it is all about taking the trade with size and squeeze out the opportunity.

– How do you choose a trading platform?

– I’ve tested almost every software platform that is on the market and I was looking for a stable platform that offers C# indicators and strategies and the ability to scan the markets for the best stocks to trade, Multicharts.Net gave all of these possibilities and the support was very helpful by helping me out with a lot of technical questions.

– What one BEST piece of advice would you give traders, and the ONE thing they should avoid at all costs?

– Find trading strategies that fit your personality and don’t waste your time on trading forums with braggers and know-it-alls instead you should look for a office that fits you and where REAL traders are (or a digital office).

– Closing – got something to say? Go for it!

– Focus on trades that will make your day and possibly your week!

I`m also looking for young and ambitious new talent that wants to trade the U.S. markets if you are interested or have any questions then hit me up on TWTR: @TraderRB

Thanks for participating and congratulations!

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