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TradingView – it’s a place to share your charts and show other traders exactly what you mean, and it’s completely free. Draw your ideas on desktop-quality charts and share with one click. Unlike posting static screenshots you can embed the chart in any web resource like a YouTube video and it will stay interactive – quotes will update and users can drag it around and make it larger. You can also follow people and rate ones you like on the site. We use non-delayed stock data from BATS.

You can embed charts into any place on the web including any forum/blog. Here’s a chart posted by BigMike and how it looks in our blog. Drag it around, or click and open your own.

Ichmoku and BB from chart trader on TradingView.

How do I embed charts into third-party web resources?

Any published chart can be embedded into any web resource (forum, blog or website) through the IFRAME script, which is available when you click the “Share” button, and then “Embed” link. Copy and paste the code into your blog – voila! If the resource (eg. forum/blog) forbids IFRAME usage, you need to contact the resource administrator and ask to add custom BBCode. BBCode is a special implementation of HTML that offers greater control over what and how content is displayed. To learn more about BBCode and how to use it with the PHPBB forum engine follow this link

Embedding into forums/blogs (PHPBB)
There is an HTML replacement for BBCode, let’s name it [chart] for simplicity, which looks like this:

BBCode usage:


HTML replacement:

<iframe src=”{SIMPLETEXT}” width=”640″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>


You need install  the IFRAME plugin to your blog to embed our interactive charts. It’s simple, you can get it here. If you are not the admin of your blog, ask your admin to do it.


This service doesn’t allow using IFRAME, so you can’t embed our charts if you have a blog with this service. You can still post screenshots though! Difference between the two services explained here – If you want them to change this policy, message them!

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