MultiCharts 10.0 Release 8

MultiCharts 10.0 Release 8 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 10.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 10.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 10.0 Release here:


Charting/Data Handling

  • eSignal: rectified issue with realtime data not being received for Spread and Currency Option security types.
  • CQG: fixed slowdowns caused by open positions on Option symbols.
  • Free Quotes: rectified situation when the data feed would sometimes return “No Data”.
  • Free Quotes: improved operation speed for requests that do not return any data.
  • Free Quotes: rectified issue when no Volume data was received for ^GSPC.
  • Free Quotes data feed now loads unadjusted data.
  • Free Quotes: fixed bug with missing daily bar for NYSE symbols after a holiday.
  • Interactive Brokers: realtime MidPoint update is now split into multiple ticks. A tick is generated by MultiCharts on each change of O-H-L-C price of a received bar.
  • LMAX: corrected situation when not all daily bars were loaded on a chart for Indexes.
  • LMAX: changed the exchange for Hong Kong 50 instrument.
  • RAPI+ connection now supports Trade Tick bars which allows receiving more historical ticks.
  • Rithmic: fixed bug in which spread contracts had zero execution price.
  • Rithmic: Best Ask and Best Bid values for TAS symbols are now matching the Rithmic trader.
  • Rithmic: improved historical data loading algorithm to avoid requesting more than 1 day of available tick data when using RAPI.
  • TradeNode: updated connection plugins.
  • Tradestation 9.5 Update 18 and higher are now supported.
  • Tradestation: fixed symbol lookup for Continuous Futures.


  • CQG: fixed order rejects with TIF = GTD.
  • FXCM: fixed issue with the Chart Trading Panel sending orders to a wrong account.


  • Updated help for tl_setalert & tl_getalert.


  • Rithmic: fixed exception that appeared when using a specific instrument.
  • Feedback form no longer accepts unsupported characters, which can prevent your report from being uploaded to our FTP.


  • Rithmic: open positions for symbols with hyphen in the name (spreads) are now filtered out.