MultiCharts 12.0 Release 8

MultiCharts 12.0 Release 8 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 12.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts 12.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all of the new features that have been added and the bugs fixed in MultiCharts 12.0 Release here:


Charting/Data Handling

  • eSignal 12.12 is now supported. Requires filling in your eSignal login and password in the data feed settings in QuoteManager.
  • eSignal: ETFs are now available in Symbol Lookup for Stocks.
  • eSignal: rectified the issue with saving the “Use settlement price for historical daily bars” option state.
  • Interactive Brokers: added the ability to connect to IB Gateway in Italian automatically.
  • Interactive Brokers: added the ability to disable receiving “Unreportable Last Trades”.
  • Interactive Brokers: eliminated the inconsistency of the Level2 data display between MultiCharts and TWS.
  • Interactive Brokers: rectified the issue with receiving historical data for continuous futures if the instrument was added to the database when the previous contract was active.
  • Gain Capital: added proper handling of “Top of book” DOM data subscription.
  • Gain Capital: rectified the “Too many requests” error that appeared when requesting expired symbols.
  • Rithmic: updated Big Point Value for MYM root in Symbol Dictionary.



  • Extended the “Price Orders Emulation” functionality for limit orders with the ability to choose the type of order (market or limit) to be placed. Learn more:
  • CQG: rectified the issue in which the account values were not displayed.
  • CQG: fixed the bug in which a trade was duplicated on the chart and in Trading Performance Report.
  • Dukascopy: adopted to the changes in the partially filled order handling logic on the server side.
  • Rithmic: rectified the issue in which the orders could not be cancelled due to fast modifications.
  • Rithmic Local Sim: fixed the bug with the incorrect Open P/L value for the position.
  • Webank: added proper handling of a situation in which the broker changed Order ID when the order started to fill.


  • CQG: decreased timeout for reconnect.
  • Improved the platform operation speed when handling a lot of drawing objects.
  • Fixed the bug with the platform freezing when zooming in/out the charts with a lot of tick data and drawings.
  • Improved the mechanism of checking for the write permissions of the Studies folder.
  • Rectified the stack overflow that happened during the registration of a new custom resolution plugin.


  • Barchart: improved symbol lookup. Use exchange called “Any” when you know the exact symbol name, but do not know the exact exchange name.
  • Barchart: Event Log now shows an error message if there is no data subscription for the requested symbol.
  • CQG: the “You must accept the terms of the CQG End User License Agreement” message is now displayed under the Logs tab of the Order and Position Tracker window.
  • Fixed the bug in which the broker profile disconnection confirmation window could not be closed by pressing the “X” button or “ESC” key.
  • Portfolio Trader: fixed the bug in which the Portfolio Trader dialog windows were invisible after autotrading was restarted.