MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Beta 2

MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Beta 2 has multiple updates and fixes for the features that were introduced in Beta 1. You can learn more about the new features that were added and the bug fixes in MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Beta 1 here:


Charting/Data Handling

  • ASCII Mapping now supports millisecond timestamps.
  • IQFeed: optimized historical tick data requests.
  • Interactive Brokers: rectified the issue with the excessive data subscriptions leading to “Max number of tickers has been reached” error.
  • It is now possible to reload the data across all charts in a specific workspace via the menu, command line or a keyboard shortcut.
  • It is now possible to initiate the data reload specifically for the Scanner window. Check the new option under the View tab.
  • Invisible plots no longer affect the chart’s scaling. Learn more:
  • Rectified the issue with the irregular Date/Time values format of the Order and Position Tracker data exported into Excel.
  • Volume Profile: it is now possible to customize Developing Min and Max Delta when Type is set to Delta.
  • Volume Profile: added another Outline option.
  • Volume Profile: fixed the bug with the incorrect plot when Last N Bars/Days/Weeks profile type is used.


  • Fixed the bug leading to “Runtime Error R6025 – pure virtual function call”.
  • Rectified compatibility issues with Actual Window Manager and Actual Multiple Monitors applications.


  • Interactive Brokers: added proper handling of IB API message “Order rejected – reason: Stop price revision is disallowed after order has triggered”.
  • Rithmic: rectified the issue with the exit strategy not protecting the open position in a certain scenario.
  • “Generated” time for the manual trading orders is more precise now.
  • Manual Trading: improved the broker position synchronization algorithms.
  • Manual Trading: improved the rebalancing of the exit strategy levels when there is a partial fill.
  • Manual Trading: AvgEntryPrice is now updated when an order is filled, without waiting for the position update, in “All to position” mode.
  • Rectified the issue with processing the final status for the order when it is received simultaneously with disabling the auto trading.


  • Added the ability to filter the results in Optimization Report. Check the new tab in the report’s Settings window.
  • Added new context menu items for the workspace tab: “Copy Full Path” and “Open Containing Folder”.
  • Reworked the “Preferences” tab under the “File” menu.
  • It is now possible to choose the instrument name format in the Portfolio Strategy Performance Report settings. This helps to identify the instrument when multiple instances of it are used within the same portfolio.
  • Report: 00:00 order fill time is now displayed. Learn more:
  • Restore app: rectified the issue in which the confirmation window was below the progress window.