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MultiCharts 8.7 Beta 2 has minor updates and fixes for features that were introduced in Beta 1. Main improvements are performed for managing milliseconds and microseconds. We also filled a number of user requests from PM, made the UI more convenient and added new keywords and HotKeys.

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Millisecond Improvement

ASCII Export/Import can now handle milliseconds as well as seconds. Added a new checkbox for “Export milliseconds” on ASCII Export dialog window. If the option is checked then milliseconds will be exported, if this option is unchecked then only seconds will be exported (the way it was implemented before). Files with millisecond data can be imported on ASCII Import using a time template like *h:*m:*s.*f

Global PlayBack Improvement

Data Playback is a useful tool for traders wishing to stream data step-by-step data backward and forward in order to see how their strategy would behave in real-time. It allows playback of market data with the specified speed and resolution. When the Global mode is selected, all the data series on all opened windows of all the workspaces of one MultiCharts instance will be played. In this case the starting point of the playback will be the same for all charts and scanner windows. Now you can use Global playback in Tick by Tick mode as well as Minute by Minute, Hour by Hour and so on.

Command Line keywords

Command Line commands are now available through the language in both MultiCharts. This means it’s now programmatically possible to possible to insert symbol, change symbol, insert indicator, insert signal, reload data (all data, certain resolution, interval (N days), all charts), change chart symbol name, change symbol resolution, turn off auto trading, show report, change bar spacing.

For your convenience we have added description of all the commands for Command Line toolbar in PowerLanguage Help Guide and in MultiCharts Wiki: and

New Auto Trading Option

Added a new option “Remember my decision” for auto trading confirmation dialogs of canceling orders and closing positions when disabling auto trading. This option can be set up in Preferences window – Trading tab – Auto Trading Options.

Under Auto Trading Options you’ll find:

Do not show Cancel Active Orders confirmation when disabling auto trading. Options available:

  • Cancel active orders sent by the strategy;
  • Do not cancel active orders sent by the strategy;

Do not show Open Position Close confirmation when disabling auto trading. Options available:

  • Close the open position opened by the strategy;
  • Do not close the open position opened by the strategy.

Other features


Charting/Data Handling

  • Corrected behavior of TSServer when MultiCharts saving Data to Storage and there were 595 hours 27 minutes and 59 seconds remaining.
  • Spikes on historical tick data using IQFeed Client
  • Files with millisecond data could not be imported during ASCII Import.
  • Incorrect prices were displayed in DOM window using WeBank broker profile if Digit Grouping Symbol was set up as dot under Region settings in control Panel.
  • Close of Renko bars did not coincide with the Close of the last tick in a trading session if Break on Session option had been enabled.
  • When using the same sessions and Session Breaks with option Break on Sessions enabled on two Renko charts, Session Breaks did not coincide on a similar 1 Tick chart.
  • In ASCII Mapping settings the field was specified as Undefined but the column was still active.
  • Fixed ASCII Mapping issue when there were no chart plotted displaying only Establishing Connection.
  • There are generated less ticks from OpenECry in MultiCharts 8.5 than in MultiCharts 8.0.
  • The first Tick Trade of the opened session was missing while Collecting Real-Time tick data in QuoteManager.
  • MCFX real time had sudden interruptions.
  • Volume Profile issue: when time scale had been compressed the values on profile elements were cut off. More information here – and
  • Bid and Ask values were not displayed until the next price update on Zen-Fire Local Sim broker profile after account was changed.
  • Discrepancy between 1 Tick resolution and other resolutions (N Ticks, N Points, N Minutes) was reproduced on Cumulative Delta charts using both BreakDowns and Beak on Session enabled and disabled.
  • Issue with no pre-market Real-Time Stock data from IQFeedClient version 5.0.
  • Real Open on Renko chart type worked incorrectly with “Phantom” Bars enabled. More information here –


  • LMAX US Crude (Spot) was buying 1 contract instead of 0,1 after sending a command Buy 1 contract.
  • Incorrect behavior of trading through Zen-Fire and Rithmic broker profiles – orders were hanging in PreCancelled state. More information here –
  • TradingTechnologies orders were not able to be sent and displayed in Order and Position Tracker. There were no rejections, order status or any other information received and shown in Order and Position Tracker.


  • Read-Only studies (.sef format) with keywords Date, Time, Time_s, UpTicks were calculated incorrectly in MultiCharts 8.7 beta 1.


  • Opening Workspace window was hanging for inappropriately long time on MultiCharts start.
  • Prolonged Backfilling on minute charts and prolonged Establishing Connection on tick charts.
  • When packing microsecond data one microsecond was missed and so on N Tick resolutions bars differed after they had been stored in the database. More information here –
  • Rapid accumulation of memory in TSServer when there were many data series requests with Real-Time.


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