Download MultiCharts 9.0 Beta 2

MultiCharts 9.0 Beta 2 has minor updates and fixes for features that were introduced in Beta 1. Read below for more!

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• Order and Position Tracker window can now display the “Buying Power” value from Interactive Brokers.
• Charts with Custom Futures instrument and charts with “Merge Data Sources” turned on are now able to obtain DOM data from the script.


Charting/Data Handling
• Data loading in “Pre-scanning” window was slowed down due to an error in data loading algorithm.
• Current day data was not plotted on a chart when ASCII Mapping data provider was merged.
• Daily data requests were processed too long for demo login from Interactive Brokers data provider.


• Added an option to Strategy properties tab for disabling the auto trading after a specified amount of rejects.
• Added ability to select “trade routes” for a particular exchange in Rithmic broker profile.
• “Use the actual position at the broker” did not receive the proper broker position in Portfolio Trader.
• Orders with time-in-force specified as GTC or GTD sent to Patsystems broker had incorrect TIF.
• Now a user will be informed if there is a queue of retained orders that are not yet sent to the broker.

• The inputs of a study were not properly saved in the scanner window if an input had multiple parameters.
• The prebuilt “Portfolio Rotation” strategy was not working.
• The prebuilt “Portfolio Rotation” strategy had incorrect code.
• Percent Trailing price was rounded incorrectly.
• Exception appeared when a study with “i_setplotvalue” in the code was recompiled during the calculation on a chart.
• Study calculation on multiple data series was sometimes different from TS. More information can be found on the forum:
• ChangeMarketPosition reserved word behavior has been improved. Now the pre-built signal ” _Historical Entry” can better synchronize the market position( taking into account the initial entry bar number).
• Dollar Trailing, Break Even and Percent Trailing order types were calculated incorrectly in backtesting.

• There was increased CPU usage when a text drawing was modified by a study on a series with a large number of bars.

• All values in Order and Position Tracker window Accounts tab now have the same format.
• An option to disable the “Pacing Violation” pop-up has been added to IB data provider configuration window in QuoteManager.
• “Expand Scale to Indicators” option did not function properly.
• It was impossible to disable the plots of the study in the scanner window if the study had more than 2 plots.
• Active orders had incorrect prices on the chart after switching the instrument.
• Incorrect Volume Delta colors were applied when loading a workspace saved using any previous MultiCharts version.