MultiCharts Sponsored Educational Events by the Algorithmic Traders Association

MultiCharts, the leading broker-neutral trading and development platform that raises trading industry standards, remains committed to provide the best of trading technology, has partnered with the Algorithmic Traders Association to assist and provide their traders meaningful educational insights on how to effectively apply trading strategies and follow key methodologies.

ATA is the world’s leading professional organization and resource center for the discussion of algorithmic trading strategy, methods, software, and technical analysis, founded in 2009 by Doron Whitman, a veteran trading systems architect and coach. ATA teaches traders how to stay ahead of the markets in an intense and hands-on educational program, the only official educational course for CAT® Certification where students learn about the entire lifecycle of a strategy and master crucial techniques for backtesting, optimization and proper risk management.

“The ultimate goal for CAT® Certified graduates is to discover an endless amount of new trading concepts and develop them into fully functional trading strategies.” says Dr. Alex Krishtop, ATA’s Director of Education and an acknowledged market professional drawing on over a decade experience as a proprietary trader, consultant, and asset manager to institutions and high net worth individuals.

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The CAT® approach to design of trading strategies
– What is a Trading Idea? :: [July 08, 5PM ET & July 15, 7AM ET]
– Price Drivers: What or Who? :: [Sep 16, 5PM ET & Sep 23, 7AM ET]
– Market Ecosystem :: [Nov 25, 5PM ET & Dec 02, 7AM ET]

Introduction to systematic trading
– Classification of Trading Techniques :: [July 22, 5PM ET & July 29, 7AM ET]
– Meet the personality of trading techniques :: [Sep 30, 5PM ET & Oct 07, 7AM ET]
– Statistical Methods and their limits of applicability :: [Dec 09, 5PM ET & Dec 16, 7AM ET]
– Do you understand your trading system?:: [Feb 10, 5PM ET & Feb 17, 7AM ET]

Simulated trading (backtesting)
– Typical Fallacies and Delusions :: [May 27, 5PM ET & June 03, 7AM ET]
– Can Backtesting be Reliable?:: [Aug 05, 5PM ET & Aug 12, 7AM ET]
– Data Sources and Quality, Impact on Backtesting Reliability :: [Oct 14, 5PM ET & Oct 21, 7AM ET]
– Software solutions for Backtesting :: [Dec 23, 5PM ET & Jan 06, 7AM ET]

– What is optimization? :: [June 10, 5PM ET & June 17, 7AM ET]
– Why does optimization have such a notorious reputation? :: [Aug 19, 5PM ET & Aug 26, 7AM]
– The Curse of Optimization: curve fitting :: [Oct 28, 5PM ET & Nov 04, 7AM]
– Can an optimized strategy be consistent?:: [Jan 13, 5PM ET & Jan 20, 7AM]

Performance and Robustness
– What is Robustness of a Trading Strategy? :: [June 24, 5PM ET & July 01, 7AM]
– Essential Metrics and their Meaning :: [Sep 02, 5PM ET & Sep 09, 7AM]
– Statistical Methods for Equity curve analysis :: [Nov 11, 5PM ET & Nov 18, 7AM]
– Conformity and Stress testing :: [Jan 27, 5PM ET & Feb 03, 7AM]

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