MultiCharts 11.0 Beta 2

MultiCharts 11.0 Beta 2 has multiple updates and fixes for features that were introduced in Beta 1. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts 11.0 Beta 1 here:

Charting/Data Handling
• Fixed bug in which Data Playback did not work in the scanner window.
• Rectified issue with Volume Profile not working on a custom futures chart. Learn more:
• Rectified issue with Volume Delta showing only 0x0 on every row when using a custom futures instrument. Learn more:

• “Random” command now generates even more random values.
• Rectified situation with PlaceMarketOrder being cancelled incorrectly.

• Fixed bug in which MultiCharts stopped responding and shown errors upon turning off the auto trading.
• Interactive Brokers: improved position handling after connection restore.

• Dukascopy: fixed bug with Cancelled order status not being received.

• Removed “Ask Traded vs Bid Traded” Cumulative Delta option for data feeds that do not supply ask and bid ticks required for this chart type.
• Rectified issue with the “Calculating” status not being shown for signals. More info: