MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release 2

MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release 2

MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release 2 is a minor upgrade that includes the hot fixes for the issues in 14.0 Release reported by our customers and some minor improvements along with the all new features of MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release. You can get acquainted with all the new features added and bugs fixed in MultiCharts .NET 14.0 Release here.



Binance data feed and broker profile

One of the major crypto trading exchanges, Binance, is now available in MultiCharts .NET. Get market data and trade crypto pairs and futures using your Binance account.



Charting/Data Handling

  • Webank: rectified the issue with daily historical data loading.
  • MetaStock: symbols can now be added from the required category: Stocks, Index, Futures, Forex.
  • ASCII Mapping: fixed the issue with data absence if several ASCII files with different resolutions were mapped to a single symbol name.
  • ASCII Mapping: handled the situation when the data was duplicated on start of a workspace with ASCII Mapping symbols.
  • Volume Profile: rectified the issue with Volume Profile building after a display parameter was changed.
  • Solved the issues with plotting daily Renko charts from the data sources which do not provide historical data.
  • Improved building of charts with 1-day resolution from data sources which do not provide daily historical data.
  • IQfeed: maximum length of a tick data request is now limited to 1 day.


  • PowerLanguage: new keywords to allow the plot style that is utilized in the script.
  • Fixed the issue with error in study appearing after a chart symbol is changed.
  • Solved the issue with determining a bar status with BarStatus keyword.


  • Interactive Brokers: handled the situation with negative order IDs.
  • Rithmic: improved the order ID generation algorithm when active orders from previous sessions are left.
  • Manual trading: fixed the issue with incorrect Trailing Stop exit strategy parameters for short positions.
  • Solved the issue when auto trading turns off and the position in the Assign Initial Market Position to Strategy dialogue is bigger than the position in the auto trading settings.
  • Fixed the issue of excessive memory consumption during auto trading.


  • Portfolio Trader: fixed the exception appearing when a position was closed manually.
  • Fixed the issue with long closing of a workspace or desktop if it contains many Scanner windows with frequent data updates and study calculation.


  • Interactive Brokers: MultiCharts shows a notification if TWS API language is not English.
  • QuoteManager: Description field length is extended up to 127 symbols.
  • Strategy Orders Monitor: now it is possible to export Strategy Orders Monitor’s data to Excel.
  • Strategy Performance Report: fixed the date and time format issue in the List of trades.
  • “The fixed unit number of shares must be equal to or less than the maximum number of shares/contracts per position” message does not appear in the Strategy Properties window when it should not.
  • Fixed the issue when the historical order price was not displayed on a chart.
  • Rectified the behavior when changing the Preferred Currency did not change the currency in the Order and Position Tracker.
  • Order and Position Tracker: solved the issue with choosing the current date in the Trades Summary tab.
  • Corrected the Strategy Properties window size.
  • It is now possible to set the Big Point Value with more precision – up to 7 decimals.

QuoteManager: fixed the issue with menu items in QuoteManager appearing after backup and restore.